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In the Spotlight – SNHS Course Writer Zerlina Mastin

by the School of Natural Health Sciences - Holistic therapy is a growing industry around the world and more and more jobs are opening in the field, especially as holistic and complementary therapies become more accepted by the public as a whole and general practitioners (GPs) too!.


A Registered Dietitian with the British Dietetic Association and Health Professions Council, Zerlina Mastin has written a number of nutrition-related courses for the School of Natural Health Sciences, including our Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition course, Nutrition for Age 50 Plus course and Plant Based Nutrition course.

The familiar phrase ‘you are what you eat’ certainly rings true when making life choices that impact our health, our energy levels and emotional well-being.

However, is it simply the case and can we assume that our bodies make full use of all the nutrients in the very food we eat? The scientific study of nutrition has come a very long way and health professionals are more than ever aware of the many factors that affect the way our bodies work.

So, in fact, we are not simply ‘what we eat’ but rather what we ‘digest and absorb’ influenced by the health of our digestive tract, the manner in which food is prepared, the careful balance of nutrients making up our diet and the quality of the food that reaches our plates as well as lifestyle factors such as exercise, smoking habits, stress and our age.

Nutrition is not just a scientific principle. Food and eating should be a joy and an important occasion that brings families, friends and new acquaintances together. It is so fundamentally important that we all develop a healthy relationship with food whilst being aware of how our eating habits not only have a huge impact on our health and self-confidence but on the environment too. A healthy balanced diet should be a lifelong practice, adapted to suit our short and long-term goals and needs.

About Zerlina

Zerlina MastinZerlina Mastin graduated with a BSc in Nutrition & Dietetics at Kings College London (2004) and went on to study an MSc in Public Health Nutrition at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Initially working as a dietitian within the NHS, Zerlina now works privately as a Registered Nutritionist at Marylebone Physio in London, with a special interest in digestive health, plant based diets and sports nutrition. Zerlina also works with student and professional dancers under One Dance UK (a national body of dance) and the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) appearing as a guest lecturer and speaker at conferences around the UK. Zerlina also holds a resident nutrition post at the London Studio Centre coaching student dancers and giving lectures and one-to-one consultations.

Zerlina is also the author of the reference book Nutrition for the Dancer which is published by Dance Books Ltd.

SNHS Courses written by Zerlina Mastin

Plant Based Nutrition

Valuable guidance for therapists helping their clients to make the transition to the vegan diet, with step-by-step implementation plans, food swaps that can be made at home, and practical advice on balancing meals. Course details…

Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition

Practical guidance for practitioners advising clients on following plant-based diets and the many health and environmental benefits. Course details

Nutrition for Age 50 Plus

Increasing both life expectancy and healthy life years, this course highlights the crucial role nutrition plays in healthy ageing. Course details

Child & Adolescent Nutrition

Nutrition for physical and mental development, planning healthy balanced meals and managing food intolerances, allergies and other common areas including fussy eating and eating disorders in adolescence. Course details

Exercise for Health & Wellness

An overview of exercise and the many physical benefits of cardiovascular, strengthening and stretching exercises, including exercise for combating emotional stress. Course details

Sport & Exercise Nutrition

Designed for all individuals participating in regular exercise, this course looks at nutrient timing, maximizing performance and nutrition in goal setting. Course details

Sports Psychology & Dynamics

Introducing the theory behind mind power and sport, this course introduces effective positive belief strategies for self-motivation, managing stress and developing the ‘winner’ attitude. Course detailsIf you are interested in learning more about our ‘Amazing selection of Courses’ – Visit our Courses page

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