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Order individual courses
  • Go to our ‘Courses’ page
  • Click on the Course you are interested in
  • Select your study method (self-study or tutored)
  • Then ‘Add to Cart’
  • You can ‘Checkout’ and purchase the Course by following the instructions on that page
  • Or add more Courses, by returning to the ‘Courses’ page and repeating the process.

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Ordering ‘A Course Pack’

  • Go to our ‘Course Packs Overview’ page
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  • Click the Course 1 'Select Options' button to choose your first course (You must select a minimum of 1 course)
  • Then click 'Review Selections' to continue
  • You can now ‘Add to Cart’ or continue to add more courses
  • To do this click the 'Edit' button of each course option you want to add, select a course, and click 'Review Selections'
  • Then 'Add to Cart' once you have finished making your selections
  • ‘Checkout’ and purchase your Pack by following the instructions on that page.

Go to our Course Pack Overview page and choose the pack you are interested in. To order, you must select a minimum of one course.

Special offers

Visit our Special Offers page.

Offer 1: Course Pack of the Month

  • Click the ‘Order here’ button
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  • ‘Checkout’ by following the instructions on that page.

For more details on ordering a course pack please refer to the section above 'Order course packs'

Offer 2:  “Buy 1 , Get 1 Free” deals

  • Click the ‘Select your courses here’ link
  • Select your Courses ( You must choose a minimum of 1 course)
  • Then ‘Add to Cart’
  • ‘Checkout’ by following the instructions on that page.

Offer 3: Buy 1, Get 1 Free with an Advanced Course

  • Go to the 2 for 1 Course Offers page to see our full range of subjects available.
  • Click on the subject you are interested in
  • Choose your study method (self study or tutored)
  • Then ‘Add to Cart’
  • ‘Checkout’ by following the instructions on that page.

Not sure which kind of course will suit you best? Visit our ‘Choosing your courses’ page where you will find tips and advice to help you choose the perfect course.

Choosing your courses
Some Helpful Tips!
Firstly, make ‘a list’ of the courses that are appealing. At this stage the longer the list the better, because it is easier to eliminate later.
  • Are you interested in ‘Hands-on Therapy’ work, ie. Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage?
  • Would you like to include any of the ‘talking therapies’, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching?
  • Or maybe choose a mix of both.
  • Do you already have an Anatomy & Physiology Diploma? This qualification is relevant to all professional therapists training and certifications.
  • Consider subjects that will work well together, Crystal Healing, and Colour Therapy, or Life Coaching, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. One will ‘work in harmony’ with the other.
  • Ask yourself one important question. Which subjects on my list would I feel comfortable working with?
  • To reduce your list, eliminate those subjects that you are unsure of.
  • Your ‘Safety Net’: If you cannot decide on all your courses immediately – you can still go ahead with a Pack Order by selecting 1 course, then email us with the remaining subjects you wish to take at a later date. How cool is that!
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