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Body Therapy Courses

These courses are some of the most well-known and respected alternative therapy courses. They are also among the easiest, most satisfying to administer, relying as they do almost entirely on the skill of your hands.

Courses are offered in Acupressure, Allergy Testing, Aromatherapy, Advanced Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Indian Face Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Advanced Reflexology and Shiatsu. Click on the icon of your choice for more details about these courses.

Holistic Therapy Courses

These courses introduce you to some of the less well known holistic therapies. Courses are offered in Holistic Pain Management, Holistic Skincare Products, Hopi Ear Candling, Iridology and Kinesiology. Click on the icon of your choice to discover more about the application and benefits of these specific therapies. 

Energy Healing Courses

There is a surge of interest in the ‘Energy Healing’ therapies. Courses such as Aura & Chakra Energy Healing, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Reiki are all examples of holistic energy healing, and can help to heal ailments of both the ‘mind and body’.

Natural Therapy Courses

These courses are lifestyle courses rather than direct healing. They aim to encourage healthy habits for improved  wellbeing. Courses are offered in Child and Adolescent Nutrition, Diabetes Risk Awareness, Ethical and Sustainable Eating, Exercise for Health and Wellness (Theory), Flower Remedies, Advanced Flower Remedies, Herbalism, Advanced Herbalism (Phytotherapy), Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition (Holistic), Advanced Nutrition (Holistic), Nutrition for Age 50 Plus, Plant Based Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition and Yoga. Click on the icon of your choice to discover how you can improve your own lifestyle and influence others to do the same.

Talking Therapy Courses

These courses focus on one to one counselling rather than hands-on therapies. Courses are offered in  Child Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT), Dream Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Advanced Life Coaching, Medical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Advanced NLP), Past Life Therapy, Advanced Past Life Therapy, Philosophy, Psychotherapy and Counselling,  Stress Management, Advanced Stress Management, Sports Psychology and Dynamics and Stop Smoking. Click on the icon of your choice to discover the counselling tools necessary for you to succeed in these areas.

Support Courses

These courses are a vital supplement for any of our course subjects that you choose to study. Courses are offered in Anatomy and Physiology (Human), Business and Marketing for Holistic Therapists, First Aid and Music Therapy. Click on the icon of your choice to appreciate how these courses will add value to your other chosen therapies.

Pre-Enrolment Questions? You may find our Frequently Asked Questions page helpful. Here you will find explanations of the different methods of distance learning and how your answers are assessed or marked, after each lesson. Plus many other helpful sections of information.

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Offer valid 9 – 23 May Only