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What we provide for our students

We at the School of Natural Health Sciences are here to help you study and qualify for a new career in Holistic Therapies.

With our wide range of distance learning courses, you study at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. There are no time limits to our courses and you, the student, are in full control of your own study schedule.

We feel this flexible approach enables our students to produce their best work, free from the constraints of working to deadlines. We have over 60 different Natural Health Care, home study courses to launch you on your new career or help you to continue with your professional development.

  • Accredited, Insurable Qualifications!
  • Benefit from our 22 years experience!
  • Training from beginner to therapist level!
  • Distance Learning – Self-paced home study, no travelling!
  • Study methods to suit everyone – Work with our Self Study Team, or with one of our Professional Tutors!
  • Exceptionally Affordable courses – 60+ subjects to choose from!
  • Enrol online with your Credit or Debit card or PayPal, or order by telephone!
  • Download your lessons immediately (PDF files)!
  • Courses completed by email!
  • Easy to understand course material!
  • One question paper per lesson plus a course final exam!
  • No time limits or deadlines!
  • Study to fit around your lifestyle, from anywhere in the world!
  • Work as a ‘Professional Therapist’ once you complete your course!

Course completion times (approx)

200 hours for non-advanced courses and 300 hours for advanced courses, plus additional time for practical work with hands-on therapy subjects.

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26 entries.
aprilmay06 from Missouri, USA
I just purchased my first 5 courses with SNHS 3 days ago. I have already completed the first 3 lessons of my first course (Life Coaching) and I am so giddy with excitement to receive my next coursework. I researched for over a year before I finally decided to purchase my first set of courses and I am so glad that I did. I will be starting my own on-line health coaching practice upon graduation and I am confident that SNHS will fully equip me to be successful in my practice. SNHS is by far the most cost-effective legitimate program available. I'll come back and update my guestbook entries as I progress through the program! Thank you SNHS
jojorose.thorne from Cheddar, Somerset
I have now completed 15 courses with SNHS. They have all provided me with the knowledge and understanding to create my wellbeing business which is becoming more and more successful each week. Each course has been informative with clear and concise information. Test results are defined promptly with the next lessons available to download. It is such a rewarding business when your clients come to you explaining how you have changed their lives. The only question is which course will I choose next?
Jason from Sheffield
This is my second entry and I have to say I am so very impressed with the SNHS. They are by far the best distance learning provider I have ever used. The courses are so well written and all the information is current and up to date. I have just completed the Sports & Exercise Nutrition course with the SNHS and I was so impressed with all the information it offered. After spending over 25 years working in the Health and Fitness Industry I have used many different training providers over the years. I have now made the SNHS my number one for my ongoing training and I look forward to taking more courses in the very near future.