Anatomy and Physiology (Human)

Self Study: £135 Tutored: £295

A Distance Learning Diploma Course of 12 Lessons

Anatomy and Physiology Course

Anatomy is the study of the form and structure of the body, its systems and organs. Physiology is the study of how cells, tissues and organisms function and how the parts of the body work and relate to each other.

All professional Holistic Therapists will find that a sound grasp of human Anatomy and Physiology provides a useful foundation to their therapy studies. Every therapist should aim to complete this course.

Our course covers the subject from the basic structure of the living cell, the tissues they make up and each of the major systems and organs of the human body. The course assumes no prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology and is completely comprehensive.

The student will be introduced to the language of anatomy and the way in which the position of organs and other body parts are described. This is followed by the description of each of the body’s systems and their organs including the cell, the skeletal system, the integumentary system, the muscular system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system, the digestive system and the reproductive system.

Detailed knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is the sound base on which the student can build on in order to become a knowledgeable and valued Holistic Practitioner.

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Subjects included in this Course

• Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology – Overall structure and composition of the body
• The Cells – Types – Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Groups – Somatic, Gamete, Germ and Stem.Cell Membrane and Transportation, Reproduction and Death
• The Skeletal System – Bones – Development and Growth, The Human Skeleton – Axial & Appendicular, Other Connective Tissues
• The Integumentary System – Seven Functions, Skin – Epidermis, Dermis and Fatty Tissue or Sub dermal layer. The effect of Aging, Diseases and Disorders
• Digestive Organs and Systems
• Male & Female Reproductive Systems
• The Muscular System – Skeletal, Smooth & Cardiac Muscles
• The Nervous System – Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves, Ganglia & Receptor Organs

• The Endocrine System – Collection of Glands Producing Hormones & Regulating Metabolism
• The Respiratory System – Nasal Passage, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchial Tubes & Lungs
• Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal and Hypothalamus Glands
• The Cardiovascular System – Heart, Arteries, Capillaries & Veins
• The Lymphatic System, Vascular System and Immune System
• The Digestive and Urinary Systems – Including Hormones and Enzymes that assist digestion
• Systemic Circulation
• The Reproductive System – Male & Female Organs and Parts which function in Reproduction

Anatomy and Physiology Course Outcome

A Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification is awarded on successful completion of this course. See our Accreditation Page for the list of ‘independent accrediting bodies’ who approve and accredit our courses in the UK and around the World.

About the Anatomy and Physiology Course Writer

Tony Edwards holds advanced qualifications in Nutrition, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Modification, Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Naturopathy. He is a Nationally Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst, a Fellow of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and a Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine. Tony is also the author of internationally recognised training courses and texts in these subjects. He is a member of several ‘Professional Bodies’ concerned with various modalities in the complementary therapy field, a Member of the Nutrition Society, and a Life Fellow of Medicina Alternativa.

Those who have studied with us previously, will be familiar with Tony’s excellent presentation of many of our courses.  Tony is the author and tutor of several of our internationally respected School of Natural Health Sciences distance learning courses. These professional courses cover a range of well-established complementary therapy subjects such as Hypnotherapy and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy, Medical HypnotherapyMeridian Psychotherapy, Aura and Chakra Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Diabetes Risk Awareness, Nutrition, Past Life Therapy,Herbalism and Reiki.

Anatomy and Physiology Course Feedback

Nicola Armstrong
County Down, Northern Ireland

I wasn’t expecting to have loved this subject so much, but I found it completely engrossing!! So, now looking forward to completing my Aromatherapy foundation, and am working through my ‘case studies’.

Anatomy and Physiology, is a fascinating course, and really helped me to put my Aromatherapy knowledge into context. I already know that it will be a great ‘stepping stone’ to other areas of learning, and I don’t doubt that it will enhance my abilities, and credibility, as a professional therapist. I highly recommend your Anatomy and Physiology course.

All the very best to you, and the team.

Janine Seddon
Surrey, England

Having not studied for over 20 years, I was really worried that I would have lost the knack. The Anatomy & Physiology course was really very interesting and the more I looked back over each module, the more I could see how they all linked together, and this is from someone who didn’t study Biology at school past age 12!

I’m sure it will be invaluable to the other subjects I have lined up to do with the School of Natural Health Sciences next, and will give people confidence that I at least have some idea how the body works.

I look forward to Aromatherapy next – yippee!!!

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Tutored: Single payment of $590
or $190 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of $100.

Self Study: Single payment of $270
or $100 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of $100.

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