Refer a Friend to
the School of Natural Health Sciences

refer a friend

Refer a friend, family member, or work colleague, and reap the rewards!

We receive many referrals from existing students spreading the word about us with their friends and colleagues. To show our gratitude we have introduced a scheme to reward everyone who refers another to us.

Reward Scheme

We will give you 10% of the course values, paid by the person you introduce. 

You may claim this as a discount off your own future courses, or we will accumulate the rewards for you and send payment by bank transfer, once the amount has reached £50 (Pounds).

To claim your reward, ask your friend, relative or partner to:

  • Write the following in the ‘Order Notes’ box on the ‘Checkout Page’ when they order:”Referred by Your Name + Email Address


We appreciate all that you are doing for us! Our aim is to ensure that you are ‘rewarded for your efforts’.

Our ‘sincere thanks to everyone’ that recommends us.