Below you will see a sample diploma for successfully completing the relevant holistic therapy course of your choosing. Welcome to the School of Natural Health Sciences for all your Holistic Studies, Certifications and Therapy Training!


SNHS Sample Diploma

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Diplomas with Distinction

A distinction level diploma will be awarded to all students who have shown excellent understanding of the course subject with course answer papers evaluated after every lesson. Additionally, a ‘faultless final exam paper’ is required, with added ‘flair and attention to detail’. Everyone who shows they have ‘gone that extra mile’, will deserve our ‘Distinction’ award.

Tips for Success!

  1. Your answers should be in your own words, not copied from the information in the course text. When you do this you indicate your complete understanding of any course lesson.
  2. Aim to add a ‘personal touch’ to your answers. Indicating your belief, conviction and total comprehension of a relevant topic.
  3. Always keep your answers concise! Long rambling answers can indicate lack of understanding. Show your knowledge by getting directly to the answer/point with the minimum amount of words.
  4. Note: 100% for your answer papers indicates very good understanding, but is not distinctive! Apply the above 3 tips and you are in sight of your ‘distinction goal’ – Good Luck!

Hard-copy Distinction Diploma

Students who complete their courses with a Distinction Grade, may purchase our  ‘Silver-coloured frame’ diploma.

You can frame this award yourself and display it on the wall of your ‘treatment room’.

Cost per qualification including postage:

  • UK – £25
  • Outside UK – £30
SNHS Distinction Diploma Certificate

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