Rosemarie is qualified in Holistic Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. She is fanatical about living a healthy life and spreads the word about health to whoever she talks to. She also loves music and has interviewed, among others, Clean Bandit, Lindsey Stirling and South Africa’s biggest DJ duo Goldfish. When she’s not writing about music or health, she’s playing with her dog.

Top 8 rookie mistakes joggers make

Top 8 rookie mistakes joggers make

Running is a really simple, basic way of staying in shape, with all you need being some decent trainers and the trail you blaze. Unfortunately, there are some seriously bad habits that some runners seem to have adopted, or simply don’t know any better. Here’s 10 of the worse offenders…

Here's why you need a regular massage

Here’s why you need a regular massage

Everyone needs us massage therapists more than they realise. A massage will seriously renew and refresh you. It’s almost like a quick reset for the body, with a lot of the benefits and effects similar to that of a good nights’ sleep. There is so much more to a good massage than “It’s relaxing.”