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Become part of the Wellness Movement

A look at the predicted growth of the holistic health industry, and how to become a part of the wellness movement.

A look at the predicted growth of the holistic health field and how to become a part of the wellness movement.

The vision for the future of healthcare is taking a dynamic shift away from the traditional concept of diagnosing, treating and managing sickness and more towards health, the patient as an individual and prevention.

The Western medicine world generally entails dealing with problems by visiting a doctor. Today we are working towards a world, far more akin to traditional Eastern methods, where people are more responsible for their own health, and prevention comes in the form of education on how to take care of one’s self and ways to maintain our health naturally. People are becoming far more interested in personal wellness and how to be in peak health, as well as recognising their own body’s signs. Holistic healthcare is a huge factor in this shift as it becomes more and more recognised as effective, even essential, and that a full understanding and analysis of illness requires a more broader perspective than simply focusing on disease.

So as holistic health takes its place within Western medicine and the wellness movement, what are we to expect for the years to come in terms of growth and change?

Let’s begin with the premise that as wellness shifts into the mainstream consciousness we are all becoming far more aware that we need to nurture our body, mind and soul and that to be well as a whole the entire person needs to be considered and cared for. We are all unique, yet we have a lot in common that can be regulated, monitored and tended to.

One of the greatest growths in this regard is, and will continue to be, the realisation that our systems are all related. We must comprehend the nature of our well-being as relying on a delicate yet powerful balance. In order to maintain that balance we must comply with the basic pillars of health which are readily outlined within holistic healthcare.

We will be focussing on emotional care far more than ever before.

Our psyche, our memories, our upbringing are all part of our conditioning and the state we find ourselves in at any given time. To embrace our inner selves – getting to know our mental selves – is just as important as maintaining a healthy diet. And, as we are beginning to learn more and more, the health of our gut relates directly to our mental health. And so you begin to see the importance of that balance. A happy heart, a happy mind and happy body, etc. Optimum health is achieved when all our bases are covered and we fine tune that balance.

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An interesting factor when it comes to health is that, holistically speaking, we are not necessarily dealing with a problem, we are rather more concerned with maintenance and prevention. This, therefore, means that we are seeking out methods, treatments, theories on how to be well and stay well. Massage, for example, used to be considered a luxury, an extra, an indulgence, however Eastern medicine has practised massage as an essential part of healthcare for centuries. The health benefits are incredible.

So let’s consider that holistic medicine is a far more comprehensive method when it comes to healthcare as it tends to the individual as a whole – overall health. It is integrated health, If something is not functioning effectively it will address the reason, not simply treat the symptom.  Holistic health heads for the roots of the issue.

The wellness movement has expanded by 6.4% since 2017 and the market is currently worth a whopping $4.2 trillion. And these numbers are on the rise, due to some of the reasons I previously outlined, and more, e.g. targeting the source of health problems will absolutely become a major focus in healthcare. 

Some theories on the reason why this is on such a steady incline are that people are consciously searching for reasons, getting to the root of their health issues, looking for prevention as opposed to treatment, being able to care for themselves more and take control of their own lives and well-being, and that a holistic approach is a far more natural method of care.

All in all it is a far more empowering experience to take care of and understand one’s own health than to be told what is wrong with you alongside a third party waving a pot of pills at you. And the present consciousness that is sweeping the earth supports the notion that prevention is key to longevity, balance is essential to optimum health, and wellness ought to be personalised.

Become a part of the wellness movement

To integrate yourself within this growing and immensely positive industry, please take a look at our extensive range of natural health courses, all of which are available online and can be studied remotely from the comfort of your own home! On completion you will be able to practice what you have learned as a professional in your field, or simply put your knowledge to good use within your personal life.

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