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Natural decorations for an environmentally sound Christmas

Festive Decorations without fuss: Some brilliant tips and ideas on eco-friendly, natural decorations for a thrifty and environmentally sound Christmas.

Some of the more traditional folk like to dress their Christmas tree and home each year with the same decorations they have had for years. We will happily agree that this is good recycling and pro-environment. The other extreme feel the need to create new ‘themes’ each festive season, involving trends, colour schemes and brand new adornments which are costly and definitely not going to get any green awards.

Whatever your annual ritual seems to be, or maybe you don’t have one at all, how about trying to go eco and do some DIY? Simple stuff, things you can find every day in nature and reuse them to make beautiful homemade decorations that will be so much more satisfying to hang and enjoy throughout the festive season. Taking time out to create with the family or friends is also a really inspiring and therapeutic moment that we rarely get to experience in our hectic day-to-day life.

Here are some ideas selected for sustainability, cost, simplicity and time effectiveness; we don’t want you to be sat covered in glue and feathers without a decoration worthy of the tree after six hours!

When you think about it, nature really can be the provider of our traditional Christmas decorations – trees, holly, mistletoe and, of course, the humble pine cone.

Pine Cones

You can dip pine cones in colourful paints, glue and glitter, add some artificial snow, or even add a dash of essential oil to make them super festive. They have a natural, simple beauty which complements the tree or any corner of the house perfectly.


Another of Mother Nature’s gifts that come in all shapes and sizes at Christmas are oranges, clementines, mandarins, nectarines and satsumas.

They can make a perfect addition to your seasonal decor. Slice the top off an orange and scoop out a small amount of flesh to create space for a small tea light; try cinnamon infused natural candles for extra Christmas cosiness. You can also place cloves around the skin of the orange to create a beautiful aroma and simple, cost effective decoration for any surface.


Up-cycling your old light bulbs; a brilliant way to reuse and recycle. All you need is something to decorate the bulb – you could use paper and wrap the glass, glue and glitter, dab some glue on the end and dip it in (eco) artificial snow, use a spray paint, simply tie a ribbon around or go for metallic pens and decorate. Add a little wire or string to the top and hey-presto you’ve got a Christmas bauble.

Eco wrapping

Wrapping presents can be a bit of a chore and definitely not the most environmentally friendly way to package your Christmas gifts. How about using some old newspaper or brown paper, or even cloth instead, add some flowers, sprigs and twigs, ribbon, etc. to encourage some festivity for a beautiful, environmentally sound parcel.

Recycle your cardboard

Stars are easy to make and look really effective hanging in a row from a mantelpiece, on framed pictures or mirrors, or even on the tree. Just cut out some cardboard or coloured card in the shape of a star, add a little button with glue and attach your twine or ribbon to the back…done! You can make your own twist to these by decorating the stars in your own designs. An easy one for the kids to get involved with.

Decorations from nature

More natural adornments for your home are simple but effective small branches of Christmas tree or holly found on a country walk. They will look great in any vase or container you may have, you could decorate the vases with ribbon, twine, dried flowers or orange slices, or even spray them or paint them. Drape some small LED lights around to make more of a centrepiece.

Speaking of centrepieces try using old mason jars, jam or pickle jars, jugs, vases or large glasses and add a little foliage a candle or tea light inside to make a perfect festive table decoration.

Whatever you do this Christmas, let’s be mindful of the environment, buy less and make more, don’t put nature aside; make it even more important and prominent.

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