Professional Relaxation Therapy by Instalments

Self Study: £50 Tutored: £95

Deposit Payment

A Distance Learning Diploma Course of 8 Lessons

Professional Relaxation Therapy Course

Professional Relaxation Therapy has been shown to improve the quality of everyday life, by building the skills of resilience to adversity and stress. It is ‘resilience’ that helps us adapt to stress, and bounce back, from the difficult times in life. Psychological studies show that body and mind are strongly linked. As mental health deteriorates, physical health also deteriorates. However, a ‘positive outlook’ can help keep you happy, and healthy.

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Subjects included in the Course

• What is Stress?
• Responding to the pressures in our lives
• Presenting symptoms of stress i.e. (palpitations, leg weakness, breathlessness etc)
• Our friends, home environment, work and creative play
• Conscious relaxation
• Counselling in a nut-shell
• Acknowledging tension
• Exercise and relaxation effects on the physiology
• Central Nervous System

• Exercise through the subtle body, stretching, aerobic and anaerobic
• Brain Waves and deep relaxation
• Progressive relaxation
• Sleep–levels/types of sleep
• Meditation techniques and benefits
• Colour in deep relaxation
• Visualisation techniques
• Relaxation through smell and touch
• Relaxing properties of water
• Setting up as a practitioner

Professional Relaxation Therapy Course Outcome

A Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification is awarded on successful completion of this course. See our Accreditation Page for the list of ‘independent accrediting bodies’ who approve and accredit our courses in the UK and around the World.

Professional Relaxation Therapy Course Feedback

Kenneth Colwill
Port Jefferson Station, NY

I am taking my first course with SNHS, the Professional Relaxation Therapist course. I am so happy that I decided to take this course with SNHS. The course is excellent and I am my first client.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD and GAD for years and I have been fighting through it and even medication has not helped much. Since I started using the therapies in the course my PTSD and GAD is completely under control without medication. This is a miracle. I can’t wait to start my professional practice and start helping others who are suffering like I was.

Professional Relaxation Therapy Course Instalments

Instalment fees in £GBP

Tutored: Single payment of £295
or £95 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of £50.

Self Study: Single payment of £135
or £50 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of £50.

Instalment fees in $USD

Tutored: Single payment of $590
or $190 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of $100

Self Study: Single payment of $270
or $100 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of $100.

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