Anatomy and Physiology


Subjects included in the Course:
• Structure of the Body
• Composition of the Body
• Design of Cell Membrane
• Cell Division and Growth
• Digestive Organs and Systems
• Male & Female Reproductive Systems
• Lymphatic System
• Diffusion
• Cells
• Muscles
• Skeletal, Cardiovascular, Circulatory Systems
• Pulmonary Circulation
• Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal and Hypothalamus Glands
• Division
• Tissues
• Organs
• Systemic Circulation
• Endocrine, Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory & Urinary Systems


Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an accredited SNHS Diploma.

Course Description

All therapists should aim to complete this course. Anatomy is the study of the form, structure and development of the body, it’s arrangements and organs. Physiology is the study of how cells, tissues, and organisms function, the “goings on” inside the living organism and the study of how and why the parts of the body work and relate to each other. By studying this course the Therapist will be looking to stimulate their clients’ natural healing ability, through an extensive understanding of how the body and its systems integrate and function together. All the structures and compositions of the body are addressed in this comprehensive course.

We also provide this course to other schools and Institutions who do not have this subject in their curriculum. Any potential student wishing to
study this subject will enhance their knowledge as a Professional Therapist.

Anatomy & Physiology Course Feedback

Hi Julia,
Many thanks for this fantastic news, I’m thrilled to bits with the results of my Anatomy & Physiology final examination. I wasn’t expecting to have loved this subject so much, but I found it completely engrossing!! So, now looking forward to completing my Aromatherapy foundation, and am working through my ‘case studies’.

Anatomy & Physiology, is a fascinating course, and really helped me to put my Aromatherapy knowledge into context. I already know that it will be a great ‘stepping stone’ to other areas of learning, and I don’t doubt that it will enhance my abilities, and credibility, as a professional therapist. I highly recommend your Anatomy and Physiology course.

All the very best to you, and the team for 2012.

Nicola Armstrong
Co Down, Northern Ireland

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