Student Testimonials & Feedback

School of Natural Health Sciences is the best distance learning education school that offers an extensive range of natural health and holistic therapy courses.

Here are some of the many encouraging comments we have received from our students.

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What our students say

Hello, Julia

I am happy to share my experience studying for Aromatherapy course with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

The course was a good introduction into the subject with well structured handouts that gave me guidance while making me look for more information independently.

The flexibility of learning new holistic skills in my own time suits me well. The School has an extensive program for anyone wishing to learn holistic healing craft. Your feedback on my papers was always prompt and brief and I also appreciate your availability on the phone.

I look forward to continuing my collaboration with the School.

Many thanks for your support so far,

Renata Jamaldeen
Surbiton, England

SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy)

Studying: Advanced Aromatherapy & Holistic Skincare Products

Renata Jamaldeen

I became involved with the School of Natural Health Sciences 15 years ago. Subsequently, I have written many courses for them and Tutor those students studying my subjects. I joined forces because the School was maintaining a very high professional standard; I was impressed with their image and dedication.

Mind you, in those days the school was providing fewer courses but the students were just as dedicated as were the School’s very ‘professional staff’. Since those days the School has continuously revised and improved its courses as well as adding many new ones. The standards of the School today remain very high. They have over 60 distance learning subjects.

As The School of Natural Health Sciences now has 20 years of experience in teaching natural health subjects, this in no way means that we can rest on our laurels. In fact, our ever increasing student body makes the work even more challenging and motivating.

Another thing that also springs to my mind is the way in which the School’s website has undergone such an amazing transformation. In the early days it was a relatively simple affair whereas today it is very polished and provides excellent explanation of all the School’s study procedures and courses. Furthermore, through the website, the potential student is made aware of a whole range of special multiple course offers enabling a complete programme of study to be undertaken. It is because of these course combinations, that the intending student can take advantage of ‘major cost savings’. Also through the website, the student can read about the achievements of others on their Graduates Page.

It gives me a buzz to tell you that I have tutored and interacted with many, many of our students from all walks of life, all over the world. I find this a most rewarding experience as the students are all, without exception, keen to learn.

Discussion with students, and obtaining feedback from them, is a vital part of providing ‘distance learning education’. It is this interaction that enables us to design and write courses that are suitable for distance learning. One must always keep in mind that a distance learning student works alone at home, with only the course material. Occasionally, this can mean that what is very obvious to the course writer may not be immediately obvious to the student. Consequently, the course writer has to think very hard about the very nature of the material that is being provided and its ability to convey the correct teaching in the distance learning environment.

To conclude, I must say that nothing gives me greater pleasure than working with the School and hearing from students who tell me how much they have enjoyed their courses. I also like to hear of their future plans and to hear their success stories.

Congratulations to everyone at the School on this 20th Anniversary. We all aim for even greater things during the next 20 years.

Dr Tony Edwards
Course-writer and Tutor for the School of Natural Health Sciences

Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy: Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists: Diploma of Merit in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy Control Board (UK): Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypno-analysis
Accelerated Change Training: Medical Hypnotherapist
Association of Meridian Energy Therapies (AMT): Practitioner Diploma Meridian and Energy Therapies
Certificate of Completion Emotional Freedom Techniques
Reiki Master and Teacher – Master, Dennis William Hauck
Medicina Alternativa: Diploma in Naturopathy
Doctorate in Alternative Medicine

Tony Edwards

Hello Julia,

I have just completed the Aromatherapy and Professional Relaxation Therapy. Now I am working on Advanced Aromatherapy and Reflexology courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

If you are in any doubt that an online course is in anyway less informative or not as good as face to face attendance I would say think again, these courses are so in depth and the knowledge you gain is just as good as you are taking your own time to absorb it.

The practicals are where you do your own learning and any questions I had where answered promptly.

I am running an 8 week relaxation course in my local family resource centre starting at the end of the month- thanks to the course! It was so informative and I’ll be passing on the information and guiding the group with all the skills I’ve learned, guiding me into a new line of work!

It has boosted my own personal confidence after a difficult few years of health issues that I have not only helped myself but can study and achieve something in my life again.

Thank you again to the School of Natural Health Sciences.

I have now got a job in the spa of a local hotel! I am still developing my business as well – however the hotel are delighted by my holistic therapy skills and I will be using them in the spa. I am so excited about this.

Sharon Doherty
Derry, Northern Ireland

SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy)
SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)

Studying: Advanced Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Sharon Doherty

Dear Julia

A very happy and prosperous New Year to you – and congratulations on your Schools’ 20th birthday … testament to all your hard work over the years and a very good reason to celebrate – here’s to the next 20 years J!

As ever, a heart-felt thank you for your continued support over time.  Looking at the website, I appreciate I’m not the only one who has benefitted so much from your input but, again, testament that you’re doing something right!  When I consider just how many lives you have touched over the years and how much ‘good’ you are doing, it is very heart-warming … and long may it continue!

I hope you had a very pleasant Festive Season and a well-deserved break (?!), and that all is well in your world …

With my very best and warmest wishes for 2017, to your brilliant staff as well as yourself, and thanks again as always …

Kind regards

Julia xx

Julia Clegg – UK Contacts Page Here
North Yorkshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Anatomy & Physiology)
SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage)
SNHS Dip. (Philosophy)
SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)
SNHS Dip. (Psychotherapy & Counselling)
SNHS Dip. (Reflexology)
SNHS Dip. (Stress Management)

Julia Clegg

Hello Richard,

I am still revising my CBT material but wanted to thank you my Tutor, in advance for everything. Your feedback has truly helped me and I really appreciate it.

I am also going to give the Golden Graduate Award Competition a shot as well. I will work on that and submit it after I have successfully passed this amazing course and final exam.

CBT really does work and I should know, I have or should I say HAD panic attacks and anxiety issues but thanks to this course, I now have the tools to work with it on my own.

Have a blessed day and I will be requesting my final exam very soon!

Christine Ferley

Studying: CBT, Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition

Christine Ferley

Hello Julia

Thank you so much for my grade A result in Psychotherapy & Counselling. I enjoyed the course very much and many thanks to you and your team.

I would highly recommend your company and team for their assistance along the way.

I look forward to my next courses which should complete my skills set for my future business.

Warm wishes


SNHS Dip.(Colour Therapy)
SNHS Dip.(Crystal Healing)
SNHS Dip.(Holistic Massage Therapy)
SNHS Dip.(Holistic Pain Management)
SNHS Dip.(Life Coaching)
SNHS Dip.(Mindfulness)
SNHS Dip.(Psychotherapy & Counselling)

Studying: Herbalism

Anne Ryan

Dear Ms. Julia,

Good day to you! Thank you so much for my Grade A award for Holistic Nutrition.

Studying this course in your school was very enjoyable and flexible. That’s why your school is different from other institutions. The notes provided were very comprehensive and easy to understand.

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Edwards my Tutor, for guiding me to complete the course.

Keep up your good work.


Rema Devi

SNHS Dip.(Nutrition)

Studying: Advanced Nutrition, Child & Adolescent Nutrition

Rema Devi

Thank you so much for all the encouragement over the Holistic Nutrition course. With those first 3 lessons, hitting the ‘send button’ with my answers was quite scary! All the positive responses each time you’ve sent the next lessons have really boosted my confidence!

I am happy that I’ve passed with an A grade and now to complete the next two courses, then….I have more on my wish list!


Pamela Smith

SNHS Dip.(Nutrition)

Studying: Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition, Nutrition for Aged 50 Plus

Pamela Smith

Hello Helen,

I’d just like to thank you for the most welcome message about the grade A award for my Professional Relaxation Therapy course.  It was a real pleasure doing the course and it will blend very well with other studies I’ve been doing this past four and a half years.

I’m sure I’ll register for another course with the School of Natural Health Sciences down the track (there are so many I’d like to do!).

Thank you again and I look forward to future association.

Best regards,

Suzanne Lang
South Australia

SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)

Suzanne Lang

Hello Julia,

Thank you for making the time to send your personal email, regarding my achieving a Grade A Distinction in CBT, I appreciate it. I would like to pass on positive feedback for Richard my Tutor, as he was so encouraging right the way through…


Christine Simpson
New South Wales, Australia

SNHS Dip. Distinction (CBT)

Studying: Homeopathy

Christine Simpson

Hello Team,

Many thanks for sending news of my grade A pass in Nutrition.  I have really enjoyed the course, and learned a great deal about the human digestion and its requirements. Mr Tony Edwards (course writer and Tutor) certainly delivers a good course and a really good challenge.

I’ve loved it. I will be taking the advanced course now!

thank you.

Joan Thompson
Carlisle, England

SNHS Dip. Distinction (Nutrition)

Studying: Advanced Nutrition

Joan Thompson