Student Testimonials & Feedback

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Here are some of the many encouraging comments we have received from our students.

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What our students say

I would like to say that Medical Hypnotherapy is an excellent course and I have enjoyed it enormously. Your tutors like Tony Edwards, and George Fortescue are first class, and have the rare ability to both teach, and inspire students to make their best efforts whilst studying.

I am still studying Past Life Therapy as you know, and am hoping to continue with that course as soon as I have submitted my final exam for this one. I am also part way through my dissertation for my Higher International Diploma, so all in all I am still very much enjoying and benefitting from my association with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Many thanks for putting such ‘excellent criteria’ within the reach of those who can both afford, and have limited time for study. You are a ‘unique organisation’.

Stephen George
Wiltshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Hypnotherapy)
SNHS Dip. (Advanced Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy)
Studying: Medical Hypnotherapy, Past Life TherapyHerbalism

Stephen George

Many thanks for this fantastic news, I’m thrilled to bits with the results of my Anatomy & Physiology final examination. I wasn’t expecting to have loved this subject so much, but I found it completely engrossing!! So, now looking forward to completing my Aromatherapy foundation, and am working through my ‘case studies’.

Anatomy & Physiology, is a fascinating course, and really helped me to put my Aromatherapy knowledge into context. I already know that it will be a great ‘stepping stone’ to other areas of learning, and I don’t doubt that it will enhance my abilities, and credibility, as a professional therapist. I highly recommend your Anatomy and Physiology course.

All the very best to you, and the School of Natural Health Sciences team for 2012.

Nicola Armstrong
Co Down, Northern Ireland

SNHS Dip. (Anatomy & Physiology)
Studying: Aromatherapy, Advanced AromatherapyH.I.Dip Aromatherapy

Nicola Armstrong

Hi Debbie – Self Study Team Member, This is fantastic, many thanks!  Lovely to speak to you and thank you for your help and guidance!

Happy New Year to you too and have a fantastic rest of the week. Yes I very much enjoy the course and shall explore more on completion, I love The School of Natural Health Sciences and think it is a fantastic way to learn and always feel well supported.

Emily Assinder,
Erith, Kent

Studying: Cognitive Behavioural TherapyPsychotherapy & Counselling

Emily Assinder

Congratulations on 15 years of success! You provide a wonderful series of products, in an encouraging, and accommodating way. I am so glad our paths crossed. May 2012 be your best year yet! Thank you too for including me in your New Year’s Newsletter. This is a great boost for me, and I look forward to helping your clients in China in whichever way possible. I have spoken about you freely to my Friends and Clients; many are interested.

I would like to host an Open Evening at my home for The School of Natural Health Sciences, in February/March/April, when expats are settled back into the routine after the Holidays and the Chinese New Year. I hope some Chinese friends will also attend. May I write to you again with further details closer to the time? I wish you and all your staff a very Happy, and Prosperous 2012.

Geraldine Donnellan
Shanghai, China

SNHS Dip. (Acupressure)
SNHS Dip. (Allergy Testing)
SNHS Dip. (Colour Therapy)
SNHS Dip.(Hypnotherapy)
SNHS Dip.(Meditation)
SNHS Dip.(Nutrition)
SNHS Dip.(Stress Management)
Studying: Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Geraldine Donnellan

I am so grateful for the grade of A. Wow!!! I tried so very hard to do my best on this and I really love it. I am not young. I am 60 years old and I am about to change my hats this late in life. I am currently enrolled here in the States in a Massage Therapy class and will become a Licensed Massage Therapist when I am done.

I have also just opened my own shop called Subtle Medicine Natural Remedies where I sell all sorts of homeopathic items, essential oils, incense, soaps, detox items, New Wave Patches, diffusers and all sorts of great natural things. There are also 2 really nice massage rooms in the back part of the shop. I currently have 2 other massage therapists who work for me and I will be getting my license soon. I look forward to taking the advanced reflexology class and of course I will go for the Higher Education Diploma also. I am just about to take my final exam in aromatherapy as soon as it is sent to me. I also want to take Indian Head and Face Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Advanced Aromatherapy, and so many more so I will be able to offer many different services.

The School of Natural Health Sciences is wonderful and everyone is so kind and caring. I can’t wait to see my diploma. I am like a little kid in a candy store. I will check the mail everyday until it arrives. Thank you so very much for all you do to help others learn and become successful – May God bless you.

Kip DiPaolo
Connecticut, U.S.A

Studying: Aromatherapy

Kip DiPaolo

To start my own practice has been my dream for many years, and finally, I see it coming thanks to these brilliant courses! I am thankful to the School of Natural Health Sciences for giving me the tools to do so. I send my gratitude to all of you and wish you the best for the coming year!

Ana Hernandez – van der Veen

SNHS Dip. (Business & Marketing)
Studying: Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Indian Head MassageAdvanced Aromatherapy, H.I.Dip Holistic Therapies

Ana Hernandez – van der Veen

Well, where do I begin? I was absolutely delighted to learn of my Grade A pass in the Aromatherapy course! I was however, even more delighted to receive my Diploma in the post this morning! What a fantastic Christmas present for me!

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it has been learning with you and your college. I enrolled in the tutored Aromatherapy course and have never looked back! I am very nearly at the end of the Reflexology course as well, and am looking forward to taking my exam in the New Year. I have since enrolled in the Advanced Aromatherapy Course, the Allergy Testing Course and the Hot Stone Therapy Course. I think our association is going to be a long one!

I feel I just have to mention how supported I have felt the whole way through the Aromatherapy Course, and thanks indeed must go to my personal tutor Richard Sneddon.

You advertise that we, as students are individuals not just numbers. Every time I have needed to contact the college, I am greeted as that individual. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly and courteous and I feel as though I am talking to friends rather than staff.

If anyone is in any doubt about enrolling, then may I just tell them to go ahead and enroll, that will not be a decision they will regret. Thank you, to you all, as you all make The School of Natural Health Sciences the wonderful School that it is.

Honor Ballard.
North Devon, England

SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy)
Studying: Allergy Testing, Advanced Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology

Honor Ballard

It has been a true pleasure learning the material since it is well structured and presented and, quite frankly, I know that I learned more by following the course and answering the questions than from just “reading” as I could have done with any of a number of books.

I have no doubts that I will hear more from you soon, especially since I’ve just submitted my herbalism exam also! The School of Natural Health Sciences have been really good to me, so I am very pleased to recommend them to whomever! Thanks and Blessings

Colin Young
Angus, Scotland

SNHS Dip. (Holistic Dowsing)
Studying: Allergy Testing, Flower Remedies, Herbalism, Advanced HerbalismHomeopathy, Kinesiology, H.I.Dip Holistic Therapies

Colin Young

I have enjoyed my studies with the School of Natural Health Sciences so far and I can’t wait to start my own practice in Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I look forward to continuing my studies with you and working towards the Higher International Diploma.

Sarah-Beth Watkins
Co. Wexford, Ireland

SNHS Dip. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
SNHS Dip. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Studying: Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Advanced Life Coaching, H.I.Dip Holistic Therapies

Sarah-Beth Watkins

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my Grade A results on the Crystal Healing course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very interesting and informative. It is very difficult to choose who to study with when you are inexperienced; I hope my testimonial will encourage others to make the right decision and study with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

There is so much misleading and conflicting advice on the internet, and I find it reassuring that I have received mine from such a reliable and trusted source.

Joanne Upton
North Yorkshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing)
Studying: Flower Remedies

Joanne Upton

Having studied with the School of Natural Health Sciences in Colour Therapy, Hypnotherapy and most recently Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy. I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed all the courses.

Not being academic or enjoying learning at school, I was a little concerned about studying. I need not have worried as I have found all the courses very practical, informative, and easy to understand. I have recently met with Anthony Edwards, the writer of my courses, for a ‘one to one session’ to gain some practical experience. The day I spent with him was so worthwhile and valuable that I felt it gave me the confidence that I needed to start seeing clients, and putting my new found knowledge into practice.

I am now looking forward to my NLP course, and intend in the New Year to study Past Life Regression. I am now working for myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and EFT practitioner in Hertfordshire, and enjoying the freedom and confidence that I now have thanks to SNHS.

Jennifer Reefe
Hertfordshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Hypnotherapy)
SNHS Dip. (Advanced Hypnotherapy)
SNHS. Dip. (Colour Therapy)
Studying: NLP

Jennifer Reefe

It has been a very difficult year for me with the loss of my mother in January but this course had given me something to focus on and I am thrilled with my result. I am really looking forward to starting on The Advanced Nutrition Course and the other four courses I have requested.

This has now turned my dream of running my own Holistic Therapy business into reality thanks to these brilliant courses. Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals and I am looking forward to many more years of study with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Tanya Newcombe
Essex, England

SNHS Dip. (Nutrition)
Studying: Advanced Nutrition, Allergy Testing, Anatomy & PhysiologyDiabetes Risk Awareness, Herbalism, HI Dip. Holistic Therapies

Tanya Newcombe

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Acupressure course and, as with all the subjects I am studying with the School of Natural Health Sciences, I am impressed by the exercises you provide with each module. They are so well structured in the way that they cross-reference various concepts to maximise comprehension, and retention of vital information. It is not easy to gauge the progress of students at a distance, but you have found an effective way of achieving this necessary goal.

I found theSchool of Natural Health Sciences through the Google search engine and was delighted to find that it offered exactly the subjects that complement my existing practice as an energy therapist. As I live in a rural area, it is difficult for me to attend classes in the city and the self-paced distance learning model was exactly what was required.

The Meridian Psychotherapy and Acupressure courses complement each other very well and have greatly enhanced my work. I am about to finish Homoeopathy this year with Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy, Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology for completion in 2012, plus a Higher International Diploma.

I enjoy the courses so much that I foresee a long association with the school. My best wishes to you and all the staff for a joyful festive season and a peaceful New Year.

Angela Moore
New South Wales, Australia

SNHS Dip. (Acupressure)
SNHS Dip. (Meridian Psychotherapy)
Studying: Anatomy & Physiology, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy, HI Dip. Holistic Therapies

Angela Moore

May I just say thank you so much, for my grade A pass with the School of Natural Health Sciences. This is the first course I have ever done since leaving school in 1976. I just can’t tell you how I feel, and how proud my family are of me. I did Human Anatomy and Physiology. Now I am now waiting for a diploma Wow! Still don’t believe it.

See you all in the New Year for my next course – Oh! And thank you to George Fortescue, my fantastic tutor, and so understanding.

Tom Romeo
Cambridgeshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Anatomy & Physiology)

Thomas Romeo