Student Testimonials & Feedback

School of Natural Health Sciences is the best distance learning education school that offers an extensive range of natural health and holistic therapy courses.

Here are some of the many encouraging comments we have received from our students.

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What our students say

I love your courses as they are so informative and allow me to study at my own pace.I have found everyone at The School of Natural Health Sciences to be extremely helpful. The course structure is brilliant and at the end of each lesson the test paper helps you to remember the information.

I love the fact I can work at my own pace around my busy work life which a lot of courses will not allow you to do. I find Julia very encouraging in the way she gives feedback from the exams, to let you know how you have done in a way that makes you feel proud and not just a number.

I have done other courses and they were not very informative, with the courses you offer I feel I have the knowledge to carry out the role but also confident enough to answer questions. I am truly grateful for the wonderful experience I have had completing these courses.

The great offer of buy one get one free has been a god send to me as I would not have been able to afford all of the courses otherwise and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you all for your hard work and as a student I can advise that it does not go unnoticed.

Deryn Parker
Cheshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Reflexology)
SNHS Dip (Anatomy & Physiology)
Studying: Acupressure, Hot Stone TherapyMeditation

Deryn Parker

Hi Julia and the School of Natural Health Sciences Team. Thank you so much for your congratulatory message on my success in the Professional Relaxation Therapy course. I am truly excited. The course has already assisted me in providing a number of colleagues, family members, and friends with advice on managing their stress levels and living a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

Once again, I am very impressed with the quality of your courses, which are informative, practical and professionally written. I will certainly continue to extend my knowledge and levels of skill through continued study with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Thank you once more for a really insightful and interesting learning experience.

Brian George Williams
Queenstown, South Africa

CEA (EAAB – South Africa), PTC
DE (Bellville – South Africa)
BA (Vista – South Africa)
M. Ed (Leeds – UK)
SNHS. Dip. (Reflexology)
SNHS. Dip. (Advanced Reflexology)
SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)
Studying: AcupressureIndian Head Massage

Brian Williams

It is really an honour and a great pleasure to receive such a wonderful award of the Higher International Diploma in Nutrition from the School of Natural Health Sciences, and to add the letters H.I.Dip. (Nutrition) after my name, I am sure it will enhance my career a lot.

Once again I would like to thank you, because without the generous and kind help, and great guidance of yours, I would have never been able to write that much or gained that level.

Yes! I have received my Diploma,,,,, I just received it a few days back. Once again thank you very much, I hope, in the near future to gain some more course knowledge; I will definitely follow your guidance.

Faiza Mohammad Saleem
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition)
SNHS Dip. (Advanced Nutrition)
SNHS Dip. (Homeopathy)
H.I Dip Nutrition

Faiza Mojammad Saleem

Thank you Debra and the rest of the team at The School of Natural Health Sciences. Your course has allowed me to study at a steady pace that is often not catered for by other means of study, once again a big thank you to all. I am sure I will find another one of your courses beneficial for my personal development in the near future.

Sean Mc Donald
Lancashire, England

SNHS Dip. (Advanced Life Coaching)
SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching)

Sean McDonald

I would recommend The School of Natural Health Sciences to anyone if they want to qualify in Hypnotherapy or Acupressure. Although I feel a bit tired from the extra late nights studying the courses, I have enjoyed the courses and it feels great to have achieved a Grade A.

I am again thankful for all your efforts and I wish you and the team all the best for the future.

I think I will have a break from studying for a while, but your School will always be in the corner of my mind if I want to continue with my Natural Sciences studies. Thank you again. And thank Debbie, Self Study Team as well please, and tell her she made me laugh when she said “I nearly made her fall asleep with reading my scripts (Hypnotherapy)”!

Tarkan Mustafa
London, England

SNHS Dip. (Acupressure)
SNHS Dip. (Hypnotherapy)

Tarkan Mustafa

I am very pleased to have achieved a Grade A pass for my final exam in your N.L.P course. I have also completed the two remaining courses (Psychotherapy & Counselling, and Philosophy). Now I will put into practice the knowledge acquired, albeit differently than previously, when I was younger, now I am 71, and as you know retired, but certainly not inactive!!!

I reiterate my thanks and admiration to you, and the whole team of administrators for the seriousness of the School of Natural Health Sciences, and the success of combining all principles with brevity, and clarity within the content of your course material.

By the way, this is another reason which encouraged me to follow your courses, which is because this has helped to improve my English, which is not my first language!! Julia, go ahead with your Educational Crusade, the society needs Warriors like you!

I’m sure you will continue the expansion of this great work you are doing. I send a respectful, and affectionate greeting.

Juan Blanes Font
Majorca, Spain

SNHS Dip. (Psychotherapy & Counselling)
SNHS Dip. (Philosophy)

Juan Blanes Font

Hi Julia,

Many thanks for awarding me with Grade A pass in Diploma in Acupressure. I am indebted to you and the School of Natural Health Sciences Self Study Team for consistently providing me with valuable support.

Looking forward to a long term association.

Avtar Singh Vohra
London, England

SNHS Dip. (Acupressure)
Studying: Professional Relaxation Therapy

Avtar Singh Vohra

I was delighted to receive a Grade A pass for my Professional Relaxation Therapy examination with the School of Natural Health Sciences. Thank you for providing such an interesting and enlightening course, which I thoroughly enjoyed working through.

I have gained personal benefit from learning about, and practising the techniques it describes, and been given a clear picture of how I could use them to help others. I’m already considering which of your courses to take next. Thank you again

Jane Buggey
Essex, England

SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)

Jane Buggey

I really enjoyed learning through the Meridian Psychotherapy, and Past Life Therapy courses they were well written and informative. At the end of April I am going to apply for Advanced courses in both subjects.

Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH to THE WHOLE TEAM at The School of Natural Health Sciences who gave me support through the courses, and I am looking forward to studying the Advanced courses.

Joanna Vlassopulos
London, England

SNHS Dip. (Meridian Psychotherapy)
Studying: Past Life Therapy

Joanna Vlassopulos

Thank you Julia, for the results of my final exam in Acupressure. I am now concentrating on my Hypnotherapy course, and will be sending back my first lesson as soon as I have completed it.

Thank you for this Acupressure course, I hope I can continue benefiting and helping as many people as possible with what I have learnt. I am grateful to the School of Natural Health Sciences for such an enlightening course. Thank you again.

Tarkan Mustafa
London, England

SNHS Dip. (Acupressure)
Studying: Hypnotherapy

Tarkan Mustafa

Thanks for your e-mail confirming that I have passed my Crystal Healing Course, with a Grade A pass. I am over the moon! I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course, and found it very well presented.

I have just finished my Nutrition course, and I am taking several other courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Sara Curran-Ross
Hertfordshire, England

SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing)
Studying: Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Flower RemediesHolistic NutritionPast Life Therapy

Sara Curran-Ross

Many thanks for your email; I was delighted to read that I did so well in the School of Natural Health Sciences Life Coaching course! Many thanks once again for all the support your team has given! I truly enjoyed every part of the course, which was excellently written and very well structured. I definitely intend to sign up for the Advanced Course in the near future!

Matthew Bonnici

SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching)

Matthew Bonnici