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Jason from Sheffield
I would like to say how impressed I have been with the SNHS, I have taken the Clinical Nutrition Diploma and the information given in this course was excellent. Working already in Nutrition and Fitness I was very happy with the updated information given in this course. I will be continuing further study with the SNHS (1st class service great training provider)
Barbara Woodthorpe from Maple Ridge
I just started my courses almost two months ago, but I am enjoying it immensely! I am learning so much and what I really like is that it is challenging and makes me really think. Once I finished these two courses I am going to enrol in more. Great School!
Samuel D. from Sydney, Australia
An excellent school with great courses, simple yet educational and easy to comprehend. Always a joy being a student of SNHS
Elaine Harwood from South Wales, UK
SNHS is Such a life changing site, i started my first course a few years ago, and loved every second of it, i am grateful to be able to do many different course (4 on the go now) and start my life and career helping others naturally using Holistic health care, Thank you SNHS for all your support and guidance x
Qualified as a reflexologist with these guys. Brilliant.
evans k odame from accra
Grateful to SNHS for making available a concise training school to train persons like me in holistic therapy. hope to commence with my courses soon as possible long live SNHS
June from Elgin, Scotland
Thank you for all your help SNHS. A nice non pressure approach and positive feedback. I am in the process of building a business as a sports counsellor after completing a Sports Psychology diploma. I am currently studying meditation which has helped me with depression. Happy days.
lbroug from Northampton
I undertake hypnotherapy and have taken quite a few of your great courses, the NLP courses have changed the way I treat my clients and have changed the way I approach life myself. A life changing course which benefits all as far as I am concerned, thank you very much; great courses, great concept to learning.
Fiona Louise from New Zealand
I am grateful to SNHS for their detailed, easy-to-follow courses. Being able to get qualified in Nutrition, Stress Mgt, and Relaxation Therapy has given me the confidence to share this knowledge in my writing and when helping clients.
Kenneth Colwill from Port Jefferson Station, NY
Happy 20th Anniversary SNHS!!! I am taking my first course with SNHS, the Professional Relaxation Therapist course. I am so happy that I decided to take this course with SNHS. The course is excellent and I am my first client. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and GAD for years and I have been fighting through it and even medication has not helped much. Since I started using the therapies in the course my PTSD and GAD is completely under control without medication. This is a miracle. I can't wait to start my professional practice and start helping others who are suffering like I was. Looking into the future I believe I will take the aromatherapy course next to enhance my healing practice. Thank you SNHS, thank you for a new lease on life and a new career! Oh did I mention that the course work is absolutely on a professional level.