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Marisela Ricci Case from London
My experience with the School of Natural Health Sciences has been extremely positive. I have completed the courses of Holistic Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, and Nutrition for Age 50+ and really enjoyed studying them. The content of the lessons is very well-rounded, and it is also an excellent guide to delve into the different topics if you enjoy, as I do, dedicating yourself to research, particularly when you are fully backed by accurate knowledge and data. The fast-track option allowed me to feel the support I needed to study thoroughly throughout the three courses I had completed with distinction. I am very grateful to the remarkable SNHS tutors I had the opportunity to study with, and to the staff for their quality help in answering all the questions I had. I definitely want to continue doing courses and learning more with this outstanding online school!
clyons380 from Dublin Ireland
I have now taken Herbalism basic and advanced (Phytotherapy), Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and Meridian and Psychotherapy basic and will now do the advanced as I find this course so very interesting. Overall I find the courses very well laid out and easy to follow. Working in your own time is great and leads me to want to learn more.
Diana Silva from Leeds
These past few months have been such an amazing experience studying with school of natural health. COVID-19 has inspired me to take this step and I must say it has been the best decision of my life. The way the lessons are broken down have been helpful, everything you need to know is available, the tutor was brilliant. All of the feedback I received made perfect sense and allowed me to further my knowledge. The only thing I wish was different would be knowing the full course structure I.e lessons case study exam in order to prepare myself but this has been amazing because it allowed me not to rush and take my time in learning. Lessons are very well explained very informative and applicable, I still review every now and again refreshing my understanding. Thank you to all the staff that have been involved and provided all the information I needed. Can’t wait to start my next course! Thank you School of Natural Health Sciences Diana
Shirlee Davies from London
I undertook the Advanced Nutrition Course which I have just passed. I found the course very well laid out and easy to follow and there is no pressure to complete your learning at all - you do it all in your own time. I am now thinking about undertaking another course. Highly recommend.
Susan Chant from Gloucester
I have so far taken two courses Crystal Healing and Reflexology and I’m now finishing Aromatherapy. I have enjoyed the courses so much and I’ve signed up for more! The courses are well written and designed to encourage deep learning. I’m really looking forward to my new career!
Andrene Leach - I took the step to study with SNHS and the journey has been awesome!! I have completed over 9 courses with this noble institution, acquiring a grade A pass for all of them at the self-study level. This experience has definitely changed my life and I will continue to study with them when the funds are available. Thanks for the prompt, professional feedback. I would recommend this institution to all who want value for money!! Best regards
Aileen Valentine from Edinburgh
I've completed several courses with SNHS, all self study, and am very impressed with their professionalism and they are always there if I need to ask a question. I am very happy with SNHS and will probably take more courses with them!
Georgette Brew-Aidoo
I have had such a wonderful experience learning with you. The courses I took were career changing and just so appropriate for me. A very big thank you to my tutors Richard and to Tony for their encouragement and direction. I will definitely be continuing my studies with the School. Excellent courses and Tutors, thank you.
andreakatz49 from Sanlucar de Barrameda
I have been very impressed with the courses I have done to date considering I was only going to do one course. I have found them very useful, concise and I have learnt a lot. I have now completed all these courses with Grade A: Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aura and Chakras, Meditation, Mindfulness, Nutrition for over 50s, Exercise and Wellness, Life Coaching (distinction) and I have 2 more to finish before embarking on my new future career. Thank you to the school for your continued support!
Natascha from Austria
Very impressed with SNHS, very professional, well organised and efficient. Just passed the Meditation course with Grade A Distinction, obviously delighted about that! The course is very interesting and well put together, I chose the tutored option and fast track, I would recommend this. Looking forward to my next course.