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Sandrine Antenucci from Mallorca wrote on December 8, 2020:
I have been enjoying studying nutrition and other courses since I started a year and a half ago. I find them very well written, I love to learn at my own pace, so the fact that there is no deadline to complete the courses and that they are all in PDF ready to be printed and kept in files is great! Thank you !
jvc.pes from CARLISLE wrote on December 4, 2020:
Excellent course, never expected to learn so much. I will continue taking advanced classes from here. hope to open my practice afterwards.
Jose Abraham from Redditch wrote on December 4, 2020:
I have completed stress management. Got enhanced in my knowledge in stress management. Built more confidence in practicing stress management.
Katrina King from Nassau Bahamas wrote on December 3, 2020:
I've found the courses very manageable to complete. The courses are designed to help busy working people like myself and those looking to add additional credentials. I've completed 5 courses, Exercise for Health and Wellness, Clinical Nutrition (Holistic), Advanced Nutrition (Holistic), and Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition. I'm very excited to complete the other 3 courses. If you're considering taking any of the courses, I encourage you to do so without hesitation, it's worth every penny and you can do the work at your leisure, it not a rush at all. I love the School of Natural Health Sciences and you will too..
Liz Petrie from Rangiora RD5,New zealand wrote on December 3, 2020:
I have really enjoyed doing the Flower Remedies course. I found the layout of the course easy to work with and understand. I am looking forward to starting The Advanced Flower Remedies course. I have some more courses to choose after this and there are so many that I think would be beneficial to me and that interest me.
Hannah Jayne from Devon wrote on December 2, 2020:
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning with the School of Natural Health Sciences. As I was balancing learning alongside very long working days, the courses being broken down into manageable assignments and having no time limit has been a great help. I've completed one course and half way through another. Once that is completed I’m excited to enrol on more courses. They’re a great benefit even if you’re not planning to make a career out of it. Thank you so much.
Kirsty from Market Harborough wrote on December 1, 2020:
I have loved doing my courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences. I have completed a few now and every one was very enjoyable and great to follow. I am doing a few more and want to continue this throughout 2021. I was made redundant in April 2020 so feel all this new knowledge will hopefully help with my new career, especially the most recent one which was Business and Marketing. Thank you
Richard Weaver from Stoke on Trent wrote on November 26, 2020:
I have enjoyed the course it was interesting.
jeacarter47 from Kidderminster Worcestershire wrote on November 25, 2020:
I have enjoyed doing my course. I chose it because as a lifelong vegetarian, almost vegan, I am frequently asked how I know I am getting all the nutrients I need. The course confirmed knowledge I had grown up with but has given the opportunity to read around the subject and develop my knowledge further which I believe it is important to do. I was glad not to be pressurised as I took several months off following the traumatic death of my husband. Picking it up again gave me a focus, added to which it has helped through lockdown. I’m going to look at which course I can do’s good to keep the brain active, and interesting to develop one’s knowledge. Thank-you for making these courses available. Jane
Arkos from Athens wrote on November 25, 2020:
I would like to thank you very much for your excellent service, support, and material for all the courses that I have studied at the School of Natural Health Sciences.