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Helen Shaw from Isle of Man
This is the first time I have used SNHS and loved it! Purchased self study aromatherapy and advanced courses and everything was made so easy to use. Highly recommend!
Zelma Buile from Riga
In my goal to become a holistic nutrition therapist, I naturally started with Anatomy & Physiology course. I really liked the way topics are organised and presented. Material was easy to understand with pictures and schemes where necessary. I believe that this course is necessary for anyone who wishes to pursue any of the holistic therapies. And I am happy that I chose the tutored version of the course because interaction with the experienced specialists is indispensable. I am only in the beginning of my career change, but I am really inspired to continue it with the courses offered here. Thank you!
I’ve been studying Aura & Chakra balancing with SNHS and have loved every minute of it. It’s taught me so much, I feel like its been a huge part of my healing journey. The course was very thorough and my tutor Tony was excellent. This course has kept me sane during lockdown and I’m already working my way through another two courses. I chose the tutored courses because it’s been invaluable for me to have a tutor and to receive feedback and encouragement. Thank you Tony and all at SNHS 🙂
Liz Reid
I enrolled with the School of Natural Health Sciences in 2020, but did not start my journey with my studies until January 2021 during lock down. To date I have completed and attained grade A in Holistic Pain Management and Holistic Nutrition both self-study. I am loving my study journey with the school. The course materials are very easy to understand and the information is clear and precise. Being in lockdown has given me the opportunity to commit more time to study and I am currently undertaking Holistic Skin Care Products, Holistic Massage Therapy (self-study) and loving them both. Unfortunately, case studies will not begin until we come out of lockdown. Nevertheless, I am ready and have many willing bodies in waiting. The package I have chosen enables me to do a tutored course and an advanced tutored course. I am very much looking forward to these as I think it will be great to get regular feedback, despite enjoying every minute of my self-study journey. There are so many courses I wish to study and see this as just the beginning... Keep up the good work everyone at SNHS and fellow students enjoy your journey. Elizabeth 😀
vjc112 from Newbury berks
Taking these courses has had so many positives. As a mum of 4 whose children are now at an age where I'm not needed as much, I was feeling lost. I stumbled across SNHS, and 5 courses later and another 5 in the bag, I feel I have a purpose. The courses helped me understand my own thoughts and feelings, which have been invaluable. I am working towards Learning all I can and embrace all opportunities that present themselves. Thank you SNHS, you saved me from myself.
Andrea Janssens from Lymington
I have just completed the Herbalism course which was really excellent and exceeded my expectations. The course lessons were clearly written and easy to understand. They went beyond factual information about herbs, to include an understanding of the thinking behind herbalism and the author had a warm love of herbal remedies which inspired me to start making my own herbal teas which have really enhanced my well-being. The questions at the end of each lesson were cleverly written so you have to piece information together from the lesson and maybe previous lessons and think about problems and do further reading - so you learn so much. A big thank you to my tutor Jayne who gave excellent, encouraging feedback which really motivated me. I had previously done a one-day herbalism course locally and the tutor recommended the following books which really helped me with this course: 'Hedgerow Medicine' and 'Kitchen Medicine' by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal and 'Wild Drugs' by Zoe Hawes.
Toyin Oyebade Ayodeji from Portlaiose, Republic of Ireland
I would like to say thank you to my amazing Tutor Mr Tony Edwards for his support and words of encouragement. Wow!!!!!! I really enjoyed the Holistic Nutrition course, it has been an amazing experience. I can’t wait to start another course. Thank you to the School of Natural Health Sciences, I will forever be grateful for giving me this opportunity .
sixtiesbowler from Southampton
I have now completed two Courses, one in Philosophy and one in Flower Remedies. I enjoyed both immensely and learned so much. I began my studies at the age of 72 and am so pleased to have achieved good passes. Very impressed with the School of Natural Health Sciences.
Randy outten from Nassau Bahamas
I just received my diploma in holistic nutrition, This coarse was very informative and enlightening it put me in a totally different state of mind, I see from every area where I’m lacking In the necessary nutrients. I can now change my lifestyle and help others find their way too. Now I’m going to start my advanced coarse, in fact I’m gonna go all the way and become a nutritional therapist. 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
DIALLA KASSAM from Tanzania
I just finished the course in Holistic Nutrition with distinction and thoroughly enjoyed the course. I just wanted to learn about what we eat, what's good and not good for us, and the general make up of our food. it was the best choice I made to spend my time during this non ending lock down period. Will definitely be doing more courses. The tutors were very helpful with their feedback, and were very prompt to send answers back, which kept me very motivated.