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Success Stories – Meet some of our successful graduates

Read about our students and how they have built successful careers after graduating with our diplomas.

Please Note: The School of Natural Health Sciences does not issue Degrees or Doctorates. Our graduates who hold these higher qualifications gained them elsewhere.

Claire's Story
Claire Parry opened her own practice in the UK called 'The Natural Therapy Centre for Healing and Well-being'...
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Kip's Story
Kip DiPaolo began his career in Natural Therapies later in life, opening his own business 'Subtle Medicine...
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Wang's Story
Wang Leong Seng, RPh, HT is a Pharmacist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wang has the following qualifications:...
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Tamara's Story
Tamara Maria specialises in using a variety of detox methods, relaxation therapies and a strong plant...
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Hazel's Story
Hazel Snape uses the knowledge gained through The School of Natural Health Sciences courses in her work,...
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Deborah's Story
Deborah Hingston started her own 'Wellness Clinic' in August 2013. She says "My qualifications enable...
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Susan's Story
Susan Pash is a practitioner of Nutrition, Colour Therapy, Iridology & Radionics. She is also a Workshop...
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Lesley's Story
Lesley Humphreys is currently running a clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire called 'Sole To Soul'. Lesley...
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Angie's Story
Angie Taylor has opened her own practice called 'The Coaching Wheel', in Nairobi, Kenya. Angie has the...
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Donna's Story
Donna Carrington has her own Beauty Salon called 'Divine Natural' in Luton, Bedfordshire. Donna has the...
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Ceri-Ann's Story
Ceri-Ann Beecroft has opened a new practice called ‘The Food Angel Holistic Practice’ in Colchester,...
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Michel's Story
Michel Wozniak has opened his own Holistic Therapy practice in France. Michel has the following holistic...
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Sue's Story
Sue Etherden is a practitioner of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Massage including Hot Stone, Hopi, Reiki...
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Victoria's Story
Victoria Fallowfield has her own practice, called 'The Fragrant Retreat'. She is an Holistic therapist,...
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Michelle's Story
Michelle Nicholls has opened a new practice called "Sunshine and Smiles" aimed at promoting well-being...
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