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Environmental Policy

At The School of Natural Health Sciences, our core business as an online training establishment has minimal impact on the environment. We are nevertheless committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our team so as to minimise any such potential impact and operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation. We have also adopted a Green Agenda Initiative as our contribution towards a better planet. Our core policies, therefore, are:

Our Team

  • Be aware of the environmental impact of all our office activities
  • Minimise our office waste and recycle wherever possible, whether within or outside the office
  • Minimise the use of electricity and water as much as possible
  • Comply with employment health, safety and environmental legislation

Our Students

  • If hard copy of course work is requested by students, it will be issued on eco-friendly, responsibly sourced paper
  • Diplomas issued on the successful completion of a course will also be issued on eco-friendly, responsibly sourced paper
  • Encourage students to be environmentally aware of any health and safety matters that may impact on their practical work, both on themselves and their clients, and to have appropriate emergency response policies to deal with any such issues

Our Green Agenda Initiative

  • We are linking up with the UK Woodlands Trust to manage on our behalf a designated area of Trees planted in that area will be in proportion to the number of courses taken up by our students. They can then feel they have made a positive environmental contribution as a result of deciding to train with us for their future profession.


Michael E Lemon LL.M., Director, 2020 SNHS Limited
March 2021