Tamara Lukie

Tamara Lukie specialises in stress management, detoxing and gut health and has a practice called ‘Tamara Maria Wellness’.

Tamara is based in Victoria BC, Canada.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Nutrition), SNHS Dip. (Business & Marketing), SNHS Dip. (Stress Management) & SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)

Firstly, I am happily married to my ‘Best Friend’, and am the lucky mom of 2 boys. In addition to my passion for Health & Wellness, I have an ‘on again off again’ love affair with Photography.


I haven’t always been the health advocate I am today. In my ‘former life’ I unfavorably tested the limits of my body, mind & spirit…. I smoked cigarettes, for just over half my life (until I quit in 2010 ‘whoot whoot’). I skipped breakfasts for nearly 15 years, my afternoon snacks were sugar laden, wax covered, corner store candies, and I would have laughed at the idea of drinking water (I used to go straight to Diet Coke after my numerous pots of coffee). Now~a~days I shudder at what I put my body through, but realize that it’s actually a true testament of how strong & resilient our bodies really are! Needless to say, because of what I’ve put my body through, I’ve also had issues with Depression, Anxiety & PostPartum. I’ve over~come these & so many more obstacles ‘naturally’ with a lot of hard work, sacrifice & determination. Given the chance, our bodies can & will heal themselves, they are Amazing that way!


My past has brought me to where I am today. I work with the knowledge that change is not only possible, but totally do~able! I have a true passion, & deep~down desire to help, as well as a manageable yet adaptable system that brings results. I work primarily with Whole, Raw, Organic, Plant Based Foods.

Now~a~Days I indulge in Fresh Green Juices & Smoothies, Vegan/Vegetarian, Raw, Whole Organic foods. My go to Stress Relief is Meditation, Positive Affirmations, Self Care & Family time. And my new daily addictions are Exercise (specifically Running & Free Weights). I’ve made a 180 degree turn around & you can too!


My main work is as a Nutritional Coach, assisting individuals in their everyday lives with nutritional aspects, including food choices & preparation, grocery shopping, exercise & fitness routines, family health, & personal training. I also assist people with a vast number of ailments, including overweight/obesity, eating disorders, & unhealthy eating habits, as well as poor nutrient intake & various dis~eases. This along with Detoxing, Stress Management, Relaxation Plans, Kinesiology & an Overall Wellness System we can all become healthy naturally. The Future is waiting for people who believe in the Beauty of their Dreams. My Dream is that everyone can & will become Healthier & Happier Naturally!

My first step was mentally deciding to ‘go back to school’ & then having all these amazing options was incredible! At first I will admit, I took my time completing my courses. I was scared that this could actually happen! Apprehension soon turned to excitement & confidence. I now have a ‘great business’ helping people on~line, as well as in a Clinic setting. I’m so grateful to The School of Natural Health Sciences for helping this ‘stay~at~home mom’ find her passion & get out there!

Thank you – XoX
Tamara Lukie
Please visit my websites: http://www.tamaramaria.ca and http://YouNaturally.net