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suzanne jordan

Suzanne’s Story

Suzanne Jordan has a practice called Tai Chi Freedom offering Stress Management consultations and Tai Chi classes.

Suzanne has the following holistic therapy qualification:
SNHS Dip. (Stress Management)I began my journey into the world of Natural Healing following a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, M.E. I was 35 with two small children. The prognosis I was given included the possibility of being unable to walk without the aid of walking sticks, and was also told this would be my life forever.

I could not function during the day, sleeping a lot, pains everywhere, but to mention a few of the symptoms. While this prognosis was extremely frightening to me, it somehow filled me with a determination and drive I did not know I possessed. Following my hospital consultation I decided to check out the ‘natural alternatives’. I discovered that any recovery from Fibromyalgia, would include a ‘holistic approach’ to my life. I needed to change how I lived, how I dealt with stress, my diet, my belief system, my perfectionism, and my exercise routine.

I embarked by chance on a course in Tai Chi, which is a moving meditation that works on balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit. The more I tried to relax into this process, the more aware I became of how I dealt with stressors in my life. This journey was long and hard but I never gave up. Stress had become my way of living, I went into every situation in my life presuming it was going to be difficult, and lived in a state of fight or flight, ready as I thought to deal with everything. However, each day I was making myself weaker and weaker!

As I progressed through my Tai Chi journey, I began to feel a lot calmer and happier with more energy. As well as Tai Chi I attended a Stress Management Consultant, who helped me identify not only the stressors in my life, but also my reaction to situations, and my stubborn belief system. I was taught to address these ideas and reactions, and from this process I learned that believe it or not, ‘life was not out to get me’!

I was given the opportunity to teach Tai Chi approximately 7 years ago, and with this I also found, that because of my personal journey, people were attracted to my class. They too were on a similar journey which was sometimes too difficult for them to take alone. I felt it was my duty to ensure that I had the correct skills in addressing the stress issues being presented to me, so I embarked on the Stress Management Course with the School of Natural Health Sciences. To my delight, this course gave me the necessary tools to professionally structure programmes and plans, to help people find a new way to deal with their stressful lives. I now run ‘one to one’ sessions as well as group classes. Now my business is going from ‘strength to strength’.

I was so proud of myself when I finished my Diploma, and the encouragement and support throughout this course was second to none. I felt very much part of a committed team, and to this day feel that the School of Natural Health Sciences, provides a resource for future advice and support.

I believe that a ‘new growth’ has begun, and that ‘learning’, and focusing on everything ‘positive’ is the way to go.

Thank you to the team at the School of Natural Health Sciences for showing me a New Life!

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