sue carroll

Susan Carroll currently offers presentations and treatments in Lancashire, England

Susan has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Aromatherapy), SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage) & Reiki Practitioner Certificate level 2

While in the process of moving house, I completed 2 more courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences, Professional Relaxation Therapy, and Advanced Aromatherapy, for which I achieved grade A passes, to my delight!

Just two months after moving into our new home, a ‘small local magazine’ dropped in my mailbox. It was a bi-monthly magazine, produced by a small Community Centre & Internet Café. It was full of adverts and information about the town we had just moved to, Self Help Programmes, News and Events etc. There was an advert asking for a ‘Voluntary Admin Assistant’. I was interested so went along to speak to a lady called Anne.

As a result of the visit, I have joined the small team of people running the centre, which is known as ‘The Den’. The outcome is twofold for me, as I can use the Meeting Room and ‘charge for my services’, for presentations and talks on Holistic Therapies. I also provide Massages in the early evenings. My first of 2 talks are coming up very soon. Firstly, I will be doing a presentation on ‘The Need for Relaxation’ – Quite exciting! So I have been busy preparing my lesson plan, and some hand outs. From these presentations there will be the opportunity to become known in the area, and to build a New Client Base!! Opportunities are abounding……

On the voluntary side, I will give help with meetings, letters, events and the magazine. Some of my ‘top tips’ will include: ‘Health and Care’ during the winter months – how to try and avoid colds and flu, for example! Bathing and Foot baths are already going into the next magazine. Good Promotional Material, for this time of the year.

My co-workers were interested in my experience on the Professional Relaxation side, as so many people with stress related problems visit the centre. This also helps my Therapy Business get underway, so the possibilities are endless. I have the room booked for two evenings each month for talks. Most early evenings I can use the room for Therapies and Massage, great for people who work during the day!

I have joined the International College of Holistic Medicine, ICHM, and received my Membership certificate and badge. Through Towergate Insurance I have my Public Liability Insurance. I also had some business cards ordered, and got a good offer from the internet where I also receive 500 more free – so very pleased with all the progress so far.

Just to add ‘the icing on the cake’, in The Den, I noticed a Herbalist Advertising. I called in to see if they had fresh Chamomile, and a few other things. We got talking and the lady was also a Holistic Therapist. We talked about therapies and what I was doing and again, as a result of this meeting – she has offered me her Therapy Room to use during the day time. I pay a reasonable fee for each session.

She will pass any of her clients to me who require Massage, Relaxation, Aromatherapy or Reiki. Well! You just never know what is around the corner, or who you will meet to’ change your life’. I already have my advert in the window, and we have sorted out 2 afternoons to begin with.

These two chance meetings have ‘kick started’ my business. The rest is up to me, but with the type of advertising I have on hand, and meeting the public with The DEN, I feel that I will be able to build a good client base, really quickly.

Apart from this – There are numerous clubs and organisations I intend to approach, to give my Presentations. This will push the circle out to reach even more people, which is an excellent way to promote My Business and get known! Most of these Talks will be free, but a couple of hours of my time doing what I enjoy should definitely reap long term benefits and rewards.

Moving on 6 weeks from the above.

I now run a weekly session for Professional Relaxation from 7 pm till 9 pm,. I provide information and teach meditation, as well as breathing and other types of relaxation. This class is doing very well, clients also enjoy learning about Chakras, Reiki etc; and I set them tasks for enhancing their senses, which has brought some very interesting results!

From this class I have had bookings for Reiki, Massages, and Aromatherapy sessions. The centre has now asked me to organise a ‘work shop’ session, which I am hoping to do in November. This has opened more ideas for me to pursue, so I am preparing some lesson plans to be ready for my slot.

In the November magazine I will have 2 adverts, to promote the ‘weekly sessions’ and my Massage and other Therapies, there will also be some of my Aromatherapy tips for colds, and flu, so all is really exciting.

Sue Carroll