Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor has a practice called Soul Delights Reiki Centre and Holistic Therapies

Sue is based in Broadstairs, Kent, England.
She has the following qualifications:
BA (Hons) French, PGCE, City & Guilds (Dist), SNHS Dip. (Colour Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Herbalism), SNHS Dip.(Psychotherapy & Counselling), Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Meditation Tutor
(Beauty Guild Accredited, MGHT), Reiki Master & Teacher (Usui Traditional)

Having taught languages for many years, and brought up my children, I decided that I needed to make a change, and turn my hobby into a passion for life! During my leisure I’d studied, and attended workshops on holistic therapies, and spirituality, but that was just for fun, and for the benefit of my family and friends.

Several years ago, whilst teaching students with behaviour problems I began to integrate some of the therapies I used, during my ‘pastoral care sessions, and teaching’.

Holistic practices such as relaxation, colour therapy, and yoga, really made a difference to the students’ behaviour. They actually were beginning to enjoy coming to school, when they had lessons including the therapies. It helped some of them relax, some became more confident, less disruptive, and many became more positive about studying. This all led to where I am now, on my own ‘holistic path’.

I took the plunge, learnt new skills, travelled to India, and China to study, and visit spiritual sites. Many of my courses were quite expensive and involved time away from home, lots of practical work, and hotel bills to pay!

When I discovered the School of Natural Health Sciences, I was so pleased that I could gain qualifications which would fit into a busy lifestyle, for a fraction of the cost. It was great! The 21st century way of studying! Flexible studying, with no time constraints for completing your courses!

Whether you are young/old, whatever your background, male/female, or haven’t studied for years, there are many benefits to be gained, for everyone who studies with this school!

I have already recommended these courses to many others, including one of my daughters, who is studying a few subjects! There’s something for everyone!

To recap the benefits:

  • Courses are well written, and affordably priced.
  • Learn at your own pace, at home, on the train, in bed, wherever!
  • Learn new skills, or update your own CPD
  • Professional/helpful enquiry office, which always replies to emails!

I am now a Reiki Master/Holistic therapist, and teacher. I offer workshops and treatments, which help to enhance the lives of others! I also offer Reiki ‘one to one’ attunements and healing sessions. I was trained under one of India’s Reiki Grand Masters, using Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho methods.

Since completing The School of Natural Health Sciences courses 2 years ago, I have been back to India, to help people improve their confidence, and rid themselves of bad habits. Incorporating the skills I learnt during my Psychotherapy & Counselling course.

I have found that all the courses I have studied whether teaching, or Holistic Therapies, have equipped me with everything to enhance my own life, and those of others.

Please contact me, if you would like any information about the courses I completed with The School of Natural Health Sciences. Equally for intensive one to one training in Reiki, and other healing therapies.

Good luck with your studies! Reiki Blessings!


Sue Taylor
Broadstairs, Kent

For those wishing to contact me please use this email address:

I look forward to hearing from you!