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Stephanie Castelain

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie Castelain has been studying with the School since 2014. She now has her own business where she passes positive knowledge on to her clients to improve their health and lifestyles.

She has the following School of Natural Health Sciences qualifications:
SNHS Dip. Distinction (Holistic Nutrition), SNHS Dip. Distinction (Holistic Pain Management)

About Me..

“I began studying with the School of Natural Health Sciences in 2014. Now I have my ‘own business’ and pass positive knowledge to my clients to improve their health and lifestyles.

I have several different services from which clients can choose. Also, I offer Skype or phone for those who I cannot meet face to face. If you aren’t sure which service is best for you, contact me at

Health & Food

I am a qualified holistic health and nutrition therapist, with specialisation in holistic pain management and child nutrition. I have been taught to look at the body as a whole rather than just looking at symptoms. I also trained in Life Coaching. This specific course gave me the tools for listening and guiding my clients. My goal is to help and guide people towards restoring their optimum health through nutrition. I offer comprehensive consultations as well as a nutrition programme to help address health changes.

My interest in the relationship between our health and our food started with my pregnancy in 2003. Unfortunately, shortly after my son’s birth, my Mum was diagnosed with a specific type of Leukaemia. My interest for food and its impact on our health kept growing.  A few years later, as I reached my 40th birthday and was getting ready to assess my life, my best friend lost her husband to cancer. After hearing his moving, open letter to his friends and coming to the conclusions of my “mid-life” analysis, I decided that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and share my knowledge on the way to reclaim one’s health by modifying one’s diet.


I enrolled for Holistic Nutrition, Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Pain Management and Life Coaching at the School of Natural Health Sciences. I have been awarded a Distinction in both Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Pain Management and I am currently in the process of completing the Advanced Holistic Nutrition and Life Coaching courses.


After moving to England, the wonderful scenic village of Goring on Thames, located at the border of West Berkshire and South Oxfordshire between Newbury and Reading, last summer (2016), I have reached another major stepping stone in my life with simplification, downsizing and the pursuit of a simpler lifestyle.

My Business

My main goal in my ‘business practice’ is to help my clients reclaim their optimal level of health by accompanying them on this path. I help clients assess their diet and I adapt it to reach a balanced way of eating which is in line with their lifestyle. I am also here to help them assess this life style and I guide them to simplify it in order to live a balanced life. This goes hand in hand with the balanced diet change they recently achieved.

It feels so rewarding to see people reaching a lifestyle, where they are free of all small health issues such as persistent fatigue, low immune system and better resistance to stress thanks to a balanced diet. It is equally satisfying seeing people welcoming a more positive view of their world and encountering less stress in their lives thanks to simplification which we achieve with Life Coaching.


Being French, cooking has always played a big part in my life and I love it. My heart smiles a lot when I bake. Being wheat-free, I develop my own baking recipes which you can find on my blog. I am very eager to teach those skills through my French Cooking workshops. My dream is not that everyone eats only veggies and drinks green juices for breakfast, but rather that each and every individual is able to make informed and conscious choices when it comes to the food they eat.

I am as passionate about sharing my knowledge as I am about learning about food and I provide public lectures. The topics are various but targeted and, through those speeches, we can make a difference in your community. I also work with corporations to help inform employees about more balanced diets and lifestyles as I am convinced happier, healthier employees bring benefits to companies. Put simply, there are fewer absences due to illnesses.


I am flexible as I have been working in a corporate environment for more than 20 years. We all have time constraints inherent to this life, but I do make sure that I have a full day off at weekends to spend time with my family. This is part of my own balanced lifestyle.

Future Study…

I have a strong interest in herbal remedies and I use them a lot in my own life for all kinds of support. Sharing is one of my strong passions and I am considering undertaking a course on this topic to further support my clients”.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Castelain
Goring on Thames, UKWebsite:


I have Public Liability Insurance to cover my work as a therapist.

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