Just to say thank you for making me so welcome to ‘The School of Natural Health Sciences’.

I wouldn’t have known about you unless I bought a Holland and Barrett Health Shop magazine! I’m so glad I did because working full-time not wanting to go back as a full time student; it’s so hard to find any courses in Holistic Health especially Nutrition, that give you the freedom to work around and don’t have a really long time commitment.  Most of all expense, to the extent that I felt it was so out of my reach I was nearly going to give up and mark it off as unaffordable. If you are on a limited salary studying is not accessible to everyone.

I really didn’t want take years to save to get qualified and I’m happy not to be time restricted.

Your courses offer ‘amazing opportunities’ which will help me get that bit closer to reaching my aspirations. Thank you!

Looking forward to this new adventure for myself and getting started!

Kindest regards,


Studying: Anatomy & Physiology, Ethical & Sustainable Eating, Holistic Pain Management, Holistic Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, Holistic Skincare Products and Nutrition Aged 50+