Sarah McGrory

Sarah McGrory, tells everyone about studying as a Tutored student with our School.

Sarah is based in Wiltshire, England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. Distinction (Acupressure) and SNHS Dip. Distinction (Meridian Psychotherapy)

Tutored distance learning Student!

I chose a Tutored Distance Learning Course instead of Self Study so that I could be more disciplined in my approach to my courses.  As a wife, carer for my husband and Mum of three, I have already studied to a Degree level in 2014, so I have an understanding of what’s involved in running a house and how to ‘fit things in’ so this was perfect for me.

It was great having friendly tutors who I knew would be there for me if I got stuck and although I had never physically met them I felt as though I knew them and they had a good understanding  of where I was coming from, particularly in the Meridian Psychology course which does go “way out there”, but my Tutor was brilliant at grounding me as I revealed more about my own psychological nuances.

With the Tutored method the student is given the name of their Tutor when the answer paper for lesson 1 is returned.

All question papers submitted are returned to the student with a percentage mark at the end of each lesson so you know exactly how you are doing throughout the lessons.

Your allocated Tutor stays with you for the duration of the course, giving the opportunity to bond with that individual.

Firstly, I decided to study Acupressure to:

a) Help my husband, Iain, who suffers from all sorts of problems, specifically back problems. He was having physiotherapy and I had spoken to his therapist who had suggested it would help treat his symptoms at home and enhance what he was doing for Iain.

b) Give me something to focus on whilst Iain was resting. He was resting for 2-3 hours a day, which is when I studied. That and in the evenings when my day was quieter, everyone was fed and doing their own thing, leaving me head space. We lived in the countryside, I had had health problems due to stress and wasn’t allowed to drive so had loads of “free time”.

As I have studied quite a bit in the past it was easy to get back into it. My tutors have been amazing and there if I had any questions, encouraging me to either expand or reduce my answers. (I would get a bit carried away and over excited). The one lesson I got a bit stuck on, my tutor encouraged me to “pick myself up” and not feel bad.

I knew also that I had support if needed for my case study practical work. I did just that and earned myself a ‘Distinction’ award for my Acupressure course.

This encouraged me to continue my studies and I am now on track for a distinction in my next course of studies, ‘Meridian Psychotherapy’, which has not only helped me help others, but revealed things about myself that have in turn helped me as well.

Once again, my tutor has been encouraging and lifted my spirits.  I have achieved 10/10 marks all the way through so far.

Who’d have thought that studying Acupressure of all things and then Meridian Psychotherapy would culminate all of my past studies, I had been a hairdresser and beautician – the physical, studied Christian Youth Ministry – the Spiritual and here I was looking at the third area of study – the energy/emotional.

I have practised on each member of my family and, despite some of them being a bit sceptical at first, each one of them has benefited, especially my husband and I. So here’s to further Tutored home study and a big thank you to my tutors for supporting me thus far.

I have loved studying with you guys 🙂   The best thing about studying with you is that I can fit it in around my caring role as Mum and wife. It has benefitted all my family in one way and another.

I would definitely choose a tutored course again and have enjoyed my time studying with them. Hopefully I can look forward to more.

Sarah McGrory


BA (Hons), SNHS Dip. Distinction (Acupressure) and SNHS Dip. Distinction (Meridian Psychotherapy)