In February last year (2012) I was surfing the internet because I was trying to find all the different jobs and careers people have in therapy. I was in need of a complete ‘career change’. I have been doing catering since I left school because I never really knew what I wanted to do, and it’s been soul destroying!

Originally I was looking for counselling and psychology courses. When the search results came up on Google the list was extensive. What made your school call out to me was the name, The School of Natural Health Sciences. Intrigued I clicked on the link and was happy to see your homepage with that ‘beautiful flower’. It really gave the page a relaxing, natural spa feel. I had been having a rough time with anxiety and panic attacks, so naturally anything to do with relaxation therapy was a good way to go for me. As I searched through the list of courses I soon realised that the courses on offer were exactly the thing I was looking for. I guess it was a ‘know it when I see it’ type situation.

I started with Professional Relaxation Therapy, and I’ve never looked back. Holistic Skincare Products was fun and I’ve started up a small business making ‘bath bombs’ for now. Just to keep me going until I complete my other courses and get started.

I’ve been studying, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy and Aromatherapy. All three courses are very enjoyable, doing the ‘practical case studies’ had to go on hold for a while, but I plan on continuing with them soon. At the moment I’m really enjoying Crystal Healing and Reiki, they are both intriguing subjects.

I knew when I first looked at your ‘course list’ that I wouldn’t be doing just the one course. I can see me studying with the school for many years to come. I’ve written a list of al the courses I would like to enrol on. I’ve been ticking them off as I go.

When I enrolled on my first course, your ‘customer service’ was and still is excellent!

Sarah Trelfa
Derbyshire, England

SNHS Dip.(Holistic Skincare Products)
SNHS Dip.(Professional Relaxation Therapy)
Studying: Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Hot Stone Therapy, Reiki Theory, Reflexology