Thank you this is a fantastic grade, I am so thrilled and extremely happy with the result. I cannot wait to receive my diploma. I enjoyed the course so much, it is different to anything else I have studied before, but the most thought provoking and exciting subject I have encountered. I am also studying NLP, the ideas of which are amazing. I am now hooked and very passionate about the power and control we have within us by using and controlling our own thought processes and our mind.

I am a teacher of further education and have delivered many different courses in my career and I would highly recommend your school. I choose the self-study option, although a little dubious at first as it was a subject I had little knowledge of. As soon as the lessons arrived I was relieved at how self explanatory the course material was. It was comprehensive and all subject matters were well described. Another thing I found beneficial was the ‘reading list’. I bought a few of the books and they have aided me immensely with my study, as well as broadening my knowledge of the subject.

Thank you again for creating such interesting and stimulating courses.

Samantha Paine,
Kent, England

SNHS Dip.(Hypnotherapy)
Studying: Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)