Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am delighted to have achieved my certificate.  I have been very interested in herbs for many years but thought I was too old to get back to studying (at 61). As a grandmother I will enjoy making remedies with my grandchildren and teaching them how to care for themselves naturally.

I am so pleased I have signed up for the Advanced course, this time with a tutor, necessary I think for the more advanced work. I am looking forward with pride to receiving my certificate and would like to thank you for making this possible for me.

I hope this will encourage those who are thinking it is too late for them to try. I am very happy I took that first step. I have come a long way from the little girl looking for a dock leaf to heal the sting of a nettle.

Rosaleen Butler
Co. Meath, Ireland

SNHS Dip.(Herbalism)
Studying: Advanced HerbalismCrystal Healing, HIDip. Holistic Therapies