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romesh jayasinghe

Romesh’s Story

Dr. Romesh C. P. Jayasinghe offers counselling sessions, Psychotherapy and Stress Management consultations and training, as well as group and corporate training and human resource development in the fields of management and leadership, stress management and positive thinking, employee counselling and mental health, disaster counselling, and in holistic health and wellness.

Romesh is based in Sri Lanka.
He has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Stress Management), SNHS Dip. (Psychotherapy & Counselling), SNHS Dip. (Philosophy), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Psychotherapy & Counselling), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Stress Management), SNHS Dip. (Hypnotherapy), SNHS H.I. Dip. (Stress Management) & SNHS H.I. Dip. (Complementary Therapies)Dr. Romesh C. P. Jayasinghe had his primary education in Rome, Italy, and completed his secondary education in his motherland Sri Lanka. He later became a keen Information Technology (I.T.) student who started his career in 1994 as a young and enthusiastic I.T. professional (a computer instructor and programmer). He was awarded with a world prize Gold Medal for the Data Processing II paper of the Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM), Kent, England, U.K. Diploma level examinations. After having successfully completed the IDPM (UK) Higher Diploma level examinations in the year 1995/96, he was soon interested in the study of business management and in particular general management, marketing and information management. He later continued his professional level studies in I.T. and management and built his career as a professional and successful lecturer and trainer in I.T. and management in Sri Lanka. He specialised in the teaching of I.T., computer programming, business communication, systems analysis and design, quality management, information management and organisational behaviour. In the year 2000 he was awarded with a Graduate Diploma in Education, from the UK for his contribution and services to the student population in Sri Lanka.

In the year 2001 Romesh studied in Sri Lanka for a Diploma in Psychology which he successfully completed with a Distinction level pass. This comprehensive exposure to general and applied psychology was the cause and trigger of a deep and active interest in the fascinating science of mind-body medicine and in holistic health and alternative medicine. In early 2002 Dr. Jayasinghe founded his own education and training consultancy and service institution in Sri Lanka by the name of “Global Education and Training Centre” with its corporate motto as “Education and Training – the key to excellence and global opportunities”. In 2002 Romesh also earned a Diploma in Business Administration with a First Class Pass, from India. In the meantime, Dr. Jayasinghe also earned himself a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Computing and Information Systems with an emphasis in Management – from the USA.

In 2003 after a short period working in the corporate training sector in Sri Lanka under the guidance of a senior and experienced corporate and human resource development trainer and psychologist in the field of stress management and positive thinking, Dr. Jayasinghe developed a keen interest in the study of Stress Management and Psychotherapy. So, in 2004 he enrolled and successfully completed the SNHS Diploma in Stress Management with an A grade pass. He also undertook the SNHS Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling and the SNHS Diploma in Philosophy, gaining an A grade pass for each of these awards. In the same year Dr. Jayasinghe was also honoured and conferred with the award of an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Education from the USA.

After practicing counselling and stress management during his free time with his own staff, friends and students in 2004, Dr. Jayasinghe embarked on further advanced studies by undertaking the School of Natural Health Sciences Advanced Diploma in Stress Management and the SNHS Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling in the year 2005 and earned an A grade pass for both of these two advanced level courses. In 2005 he was also awarded the Higher International Diploma in Complementary Therapies from the SNHS.

In September 2005, Dr. Jayasinghe was also awarded the SNHS Higher International Diploma in Stress Management after submission of his dissertation titled “Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management”.

His deep and ever-growing interest in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy then motivated him in 2006 to undertake and successfully complete the SNHS Diploma in Hypnotherapy securing a grade A pass for this course of study as well.

Having written and edited two comprehensive study manuals in Information Technology in 1998 and 1999 respectively, he then wrote and first published in 2000 his “Organisational Behaviour – A Simplified Study Manual”, now in its Third Revised Edition, 110 pages, March 2006 Release, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Jayasinghe holds membership status in the following reputed and acclaimed national and international professional, scientific and educational societies and associations:

  1. Fellow of the International Biographical Association (IBA), Cambridge, England, UK, (by invitation), since September 2005 to date.
  2. Honorary Board Member of the World Business University Association (WBUA), USA since April 2005 to date.
  3. Member of The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – England, UK, since June 2000 to date.
  4. Member of The British Computer Society (BCS), England, UK, since July 2004 to date.
  5. Member of the American Psychological Society (APS), USA, since October 2004 to date.
  6. Member of the British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA), UK, since July 2006 to date.
  7. Professional Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), USA, since December 2000 to date.
  8. Member of the International Society For Philosophers (ISFP), England, UK, since October 2003 to date.
  9. Associate Member of The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS), London, UK since September 2004 to date.
  10. Associate Member of the World Association for Online Education (WAOE), Osaka, Japan since May 2005 to date.
  11. Associate Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Training and Development (SLITAD) since March 2001 to date.
  12. Life Member of the Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ), since December 2000 to date.
  13. Individual Member of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Quality and Productivity (SLAAQP), since June 2001 to date.

Dr. Jayasinghe has also been recently honoured and recognized internationally with the following Outstanding International Awards / Honours:

  • International Professional of the Year 2005 Award for an outstanding contribution to Higher Education and Training, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England.
  • Chosen and officially listed as one of the “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” – 2005, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England.
  • Honoured with The Plato Award for significant contributions to Teaching, 2006, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England.

Romesh has travelled, visited and toured the following overseas countries to date: Italy (Rome); England (London and Oxford); India (Trivandrum, Bangalore, Madras/Chennai); Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur); Thailand (Bangkok); Hong Kong, Male – Maldives Islands.

Romesh Jayasinghe is currently enrolled and reading for the SNHS Diploma in Child Psychology and the SNHS Diploma in Meridian Psychotherapy which he hopes to successfully complete by the end of 2006.

As a British qualified psychotherapist, stress management consultant, and a professional educationist and trainer, Dr. Romesh Jayasinghe is available in Sri Lanka for private individual counselling therapy sessions, psychotherapy and stress management consultations and training, and also for group and corporate training and human resource development assignments in the fields of management and leadership development, stress management and positive thinking, employee counselling and mental health, disaster counselling, and in holistic health and wellness. He is also an acclaimed and established international education student recruitment consultant.

Romesh Jayasinghe
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