Our graduates working in the National Health Service UK celebrated passing their final exams with a ‘graduation ceremony’ at the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

All have the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy)

2015 Update…

Read the Oasis Project report, written by training coordinator Sue Mousley, which has been published in the ‘Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice’ journal entitled “The Oasis Project, exploring the concept of reducing anxiety and stress in a hospital setting”

Our ‘Oasis Relaxation Services’ is slowly growing and people are approaching us to be ‘part of the team’. There are now 15 of our staff working in this project, having graduated from the school and a further 8 in training.

The 4 latest enrolments had all approached me wanting to study your Professional Relaxation Therapy course. One individual works in ‘respiratory care’. Many were so impressed by subsequent patient visits, they said how wonderful it was and that they wanted to do the training too, as they could see the benefits their patients were exhibiting. Another individual is a complementary therapy co-ordinator, funded by a Leukaemia trust, and she wanted to train to be able to incorporate her work with ours.

All graduates that have completed your Professional Relaxation Therapy course are using their skills as part of a Rota we have for ‘Oasis sessions’ as part of our pilot. They also do talks and presentations to spread the word about the project. They use their skills as part of their daily lives too as an extra tool in their ‘toolbox of care’. Those in training are moving along well, apart from one I have to chase up and see where she is at!

The Oasis Project

The Graduation Ceremony was held on 15th February 2013 in the Chaplaincy Centre, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. The ceremony was to formally recognize 10 graduates from our School who attended, having successfully completed our Professional Relaxation Therapy course.

The service was attended by the Chairman and Chief Executive of the George Eliot Hospital. A local MP Marcus Jones, other trust executives and management and consultants were also invited. Plus all of our supporters and some of our clients as well. Approximately 50 people attended. The graduates were presented with two certificates during the ceremony – one from local MP, Marcus Jones, on behalf of the School of Natural Health Sciences, and one from the Trust’s Chairman, Stuart Annan.

Our Graduates will be taking part in the Oasis Project designed by the Hospital for their patients.

Sue Mousley, training coordinator for the Oasis Project explains: “The Oasis Project is a real innovation – there is nothing similar or as generic elsewhere in the NHS and as such the George Eliot is leading the way for others to follow. This is something we’re obviously hugely proud of and it’s the dedication of our team of volunteers that makes the Project possible.”

What is the Oasis Project?

The Oasis Project has been set up to help patients who are experiencing a high level of anxiety about their hospital visits and tests. The Project aims to provide a calm and peaceful environment where the patient can relax and learn ways of controlling their feelings of anxiety.

What does the Oasis Project involve?

If you are anxious about your hospital visit, a member of our staff will have suggested that this Project may help you. They will have filled in a referral form to send to the Project Team. Someone will then contact you to discuss your referral and invite you to one of our group sessions. These are held once or twice per week. When you arrive, we will ask you a few questions about your general health and ask you to complete a questionnaire about how you feel. The therapist will explain the therapy session and discuss with you what you would like to achieve from the session. The techniques on offer use the senses to promote a sense of calm and wellbeing.

For example: Hearing – music, Smell – essential oils, Sight – use of Colour, also ‘breathing and visualisation’ techniques.

The therapists can give general tips and advice for dealing with stress and may also offer an aromatherapy hand massage using your choice of oils. Some people may not be suitable for the Oasis Project. If this is the case, the reasons will be discussed with you and you will be given advice on other, more suitable, treatments.

Where will the Oasis Project be?

At first the Oasis Project will be set up in the Chapel. There will be a screened off area for privacy, with comfortable chairs and recliners. We will create a feeling of calm with music and scented oils. As the Project grows we hope to work in other quiet areas within the hospital and we may also visit patients on the wards.

How can I benefit from the Oasis area?

Ask a member of staff about a referral. You can visit the area just to enjoy some peace and quiet, or we can teach you techniques to help you relax. Our voluntary workers will help you to make the most of your visit. At the moment you will be invited for one session. In the future we may be able to offer follow up sessions. This will depend on how the Project is received by patients.