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Natasha Wilson

Natasha’s Story

Natasha Wilson started her therapy business, called Tranqullity, in 2017.

Natasha is based near Limoges, France.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Reflexology) and SNHS Dip.  (Indian Head Massage) & SNHS Dip.  (Indian Face Massage)

My Story

Some years back, a friend recommended that I try Reflexology to help me with health issues that I have struggled with over the years.  I had two sessions before I went away on holiday which really helped me and I was able to enjoy the holiday.

When I returned home from my trip, I decided I wanted to learn Reflexology so I could help other people. I was so pleased that something had helped me at long last.

I have always been interested in holistic therapies and was finding my job working in an office was not inspiring me at all!!  I researched colleges and found The School of Natural Health Sciences, around July 2014.  I thought this School would be the ideal one for me so booked onto the course and studied Reflexology.

After I had completed the Reflexology course I thought to myself “why not do some more courses?”  I decided I wanted to achieve more to add to my skills to enable me to help people so I then studied Indian Head Massage and have just finished Indian Face Massage.  I will be adding more to my skills as time goes on as I enjoy doing the courses and I want to be able to help people as much as I possibly can.


I started my business, called ‘Tranquillity’, when I was in the UK last year.  However, my husband and I bought our property in the Limousin, France, in 2015 and last year we decided we wanted to move to France permanently.

We moved in January of this year. Not the best time of year to be moving, packing boxes over Christmas and New Year. We loaded up a van full of our furniture, my business belongings and everything, on our wedding anniversary!!  It was also – 11 degrees when we arrived here and there was snow on the ground!!

However, we got here and I have set up ‘Tranquillity’ in France now!! Continuing to build up a client base and I have now started getting some regular clients working hard to spread the word about my business!!

Client Treatments

I have helped my clients with various issues but my best achievement has been helping a client with their sleep difficulties.  This person was hardly getting any sleep at all! Since coming to me, their sleep has much improved, under treatment with Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

Having just finished the Indian Face Massage course, I was amazed at the case study results when doing the Face Massage and my case study people all commented on how pleased and relaxed they were!!

Meanwhile, still working hard at improving on my French, having one to one lessons with a good friend who has very kindly volunteered to help!!  This has helped me immensely!!

Working in France

If anyone is thinking about starting a business in France then I would be happy to advise. Currently, I operate from my home in Peyrat le Chateau, (southern-centre of France not far from Limoges) Hoping to get my own Salon one day!

I am a member of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and The International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM).   My Public Liability Insurance is with BGI.

More to Learn

Now I am continuing my studies with the School – with Holistic Skincare Products and Crystal Healing, aiming for the Higher International Diploma in Holistic Therapies once these courses are complete.

Best regards

Natasha Wilson


SNHS Dip. (Reflexology) and SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage) & SNHS Dip. (Indian Face Massage)

Studying: Holistic Skincare Products, Crystal Healing


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