Moraig deWitt

Moraig DeWitt and her Hare! Yes! Really… Reflexologist, Holistic Therapist, Chef & House Manager of Chateau du Mont.

Moraig is based in Normandy, France.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Holistic Massage Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Reflexology), SNHS Dip. Disntinction (Advanced Reflexology), SNHS Dip. Distinction (Hot Stone Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy), SNHS Dip.  (Indian Head Massage) & SNHS Dip.  (Indian Face Massage)

My Story

So…Originally from South Africa…

I was illustrating children’s educational school textbooks online and was exhibiting my art (botanicals, South African wildlife and portraits) and selling all over the world when we decided to take a year out and stay in a little cottage in Brittany in order to take care of an estate there, plus I could carry on working over the net as well.  I also was partner in an international Stock Exchange Computer Analysis program so continued with that as well.

To cut a long story short, a friend said that the owner of Chateau Du Mont needed estate managers to look after the place when tourists hired it for a week at a time.

We came here and started a catering business on top of the work as estate managers to bring the chateau and gardens back to its former glory.

We were baptized into the French language by fire – our first conversation wasn’t ‘please could I have a cup of coffee and where is the loo’. It was – ‘the tractor needs new spark plugs and the electricity in the plugs doesn’t work – and we need to buy farm equipment to harvest apples’.  It was a nightmare at first – all I wanted to do was go home.

Then I started baking more and more and learned the arts of being a French pâtissière. It took me 14 attempts to get macarons (French spelling!) right and a few creme caramels and creme brulees were buried in the garden.  We set the chateau alight by mistake and we’ve been on a roller coaster ride of different guests from Iron Maiden to the Malaysian Royal Family and the Russian mafia.

In South Africa I worked in a Health Shop for 8 years and have never been one to rely on doctors and medication. They just don’t agree with my body and I found I could read people and the ‘atmosphere’ around them really easily – I could tell what was wrong most of the time.

I’ve also used aromatherapy to get tomatoes to be free of blight and get rid of black spot on roses so it’s always been an interest.

I’m all things here – chef to clients, house manager for the owner and massage therapist to visitors as well as the locals.

I came across your website one day while looking for something on tissue/cell salts which I use all the time and give the dogs regularly.  That was back in December 2014!!! I have completed 7 courses since then and continue to study others now!

To cut a loooong story short – I started with ‘three courses’ and before I knew it – I was meeting all sorts of people and guests were wanting more and more massages…. my list of subjects then grew and I really am excited and more than a little scared to complete the Acupressure course, then the last one – Anatomy & Physiology (a bit backwards but anyway…)

Aromatherapy oils keep flies out of the house, ants out of the sugar, my skin looking hopefully a bit younger  … the veggies healthy and Ted (my problem dog) and my clients feeling relaxed with eased muscles.

I think perhaps out of everything (and I tend to use these with everything I’m, qualified to do) I’ve had the most success with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

When it comes to Holistic therapies… I always ask a potential client what they’re feeling the most – depression, frustration, stress, etc and then, if they’re going to have a massage – full body etc, I blend an oil to help that particular feeling.  If the answer is more ‘physical’ – pain, arthritis etc, I blend oil for that but always add oils for relaxing or detoxing.

I haven’t come across a client who hasn’t gone into some sort of ‘zone’ during the massage and at the end, haven’t commented on how amazing they feel…physically and mentally.

With clients, if they’re stung by a bee or other insect, or have a rash or something – my husband always sends then to my door.  Even a baby with colic or who won’t sleep – there’s an oil for everything….and when I cook for clients in Summer and flies come buzzing into the kitchen and drive me crazy – I have a diffuser full of peppermint and within 2 minutes – they’re out and don’t come back

On top of it all – I mix an oil to stop my husband snoring!!!!  Now that is REALLY cool!!!!

When it comes to skin care – I buy ‘off the shelf’ face creams and ‘doctor’ them.  I also make a facial scrub that’s amazing for the whole body as well as face and I put oils in there as well.  I’ve been told a few times that ‘I don’t have too many wrinkles so I must be doing something right!’  – All thanks to the oils.

Tea Tree is the number one bottle for everything – even my husband has been converted and I see him doctoring the gardener with it. Of course the bottle then stays forgotten in his pocket so I’ve got quite a few dotted around the house.

So Essential Oils have to be my favourite thing.  I’ve converted a few friends who now don’t think I’m quite so mad because they’re starting to see benefits themselves and I’ve given them mixes for colds, flu, bronchitis etc.

As I mentioned, I’ve just registered to become an Entrepreneur in France so that I feel more comfortable taking clients from the surrounding villages when I can.  I had to buy a big children’s book that names all the parts of the body and organs in French – so I’m getting there…..slowly. But I’ve enjoyed every minute of learning with you, the courses are super, easy to understand, a whole world has opened up.  I’m now 52 and have a totally different life, more natural and I’ve turned into a flower child country bumpkin.

Thumps the hare


So – that’s my mad story…  oh and Thumps (My Hare) is just Thumps – bounds over us in bed at dawn wanting more grass, dandelions, apple and wheat which I keep now in a bag at the side of my bed and put into his box with my eyes shut…but I have learned that dandelion salad is delicious…and the French keep asking me when we’re going to eat Thumps…


It’s wonderful!

Best regards

Moraig DeWitt


SNHS Dip. (Holistic Massage Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Reflexology),SNHS Dip. Distinction (Advanced Reflexology), SNHS Dip Distinction (Hot Stone Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy), SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage) & SNHS Dip. (Indian Face Massage)

Studying: Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology

I am a Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (MIICT) and have my Public Liability Insurance with BGI

p.s. I also have a crazy blog of my life here – and now my hare who lives with us to add to the craziness and sleeps in the bedroom at night with the dogs – how mad is that.