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mel bevan

Melissa’s Story

Melissa Bevan opened her own therapy business called  ‘Shine Bright Therapies’ in September 2015 where she provides Aromatherapy massage and Reiki healing.

Melissa is based in the New Forest, Hampshire, England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy), Reiki Level I & II Well – for the last ten years I have wanted to train as an Aromatherapist. Back in 2004 I took a 10 week introduction course in Anatomy and Physiology at my local college, with the intention to complete body massage and then aromatherapy. I was working full time then and was just about to get married but things changed and I ran out of time to do either before I got married.

Those last ten years were spent moving around with my husband (army), then there were two pregnancies and it wasn’t until we were posted to Belgium in 2013 I finally had the time to enroll and study for your Aromatherapy course. It took me 18 months to complete as I was pregnant with our second child at that time, but I did it! Great, there were no time limits on completing my studies with your school.

We are now back in the UK in another new location. On September 14th 2015 I started my business as a Therapist – ‘Shine Bright Therapies’, providing Aromatherapy Massage and adding Reiki to my healing work. Reiki is something that I also studied alongside the Aromatherapy course and Nutrition is planned for the future.

My Public Liability Insurance is in place and I am registered with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), as an associate member. This means that ‘potential clients’ can search for me on the IICT database and also more importantly, know that I am a ‘professional’ and am serious about my work which is validated through this accrediting body.

Client success!

Recently, a friend came to me with an injured shoulder. It was a long term complaint that she had suffered for many years. The pain was in her dominant arm which made life difficult for her, to live daily with pain and look after her family. There were certain movements that exacerbated the problem.

After three Aromatherapy Massage sessions with me (one every 7 days), she was able to move her shoulder more freely and the pain had reduced. I have continued to treat her once a month since, and she is very pleased with the results. I used lavender oil, blended with a carrier of Almond Oil. Lavender has great anti-inflammatory properties, and also helps to relax and soothe the client. When you’re giving a massage, the most important thing is that the client is relaxed enough to benefit from the treatment.
I have just enrolled in a Crystal Healing course with the School of Natural Health Sciences. My aim is to incorporate this into my work. Crystals are magnificent little bundles of energy, bursting with love and ready to help heal humans and animals. Again something that I have been interested in for a long time,and now the opportunity has arisen.

Everyone needs healing. We come into this life with lessons and experiences from which we need to learn. I firmly believe that all complementary therapies can help every individual work through these and help them to find that happiness within themselves. It’s becoming more and more popular, thankfully, and people are starting to realise that there is a connection between the mind, body and soul and that’s where I come in!

I want to thank Julia and her team at The School of Natural Health Sciences for making these courses so easily accessible, and there is never any worry about having to complete the course in a specific time frame. This is a massive plus with someone like me who has a young family and a busy lifestyle.

Thank you,
Melissa x

SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy), Reiki Level I & II

Studying: Crystal Healing

Accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, IICT –
I have Public Liability Insurance to cover my work as a therapist.Meet More Successful SNHS Graduates >>