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martine george

Martine’s Story

Martine George is currently running a clinic in central London called the Aroma Massage Clinic

Martine has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy)I was bought up in a health conscious family. My father and brother are vegans, my mother and I vegetarians, we live as holistically as possible and have a family run Health Retreat in South America. For me, the choice to study Aromatherapy was a natural progression, which I was lead to instinctively. My brother is a Personal Trainer and he specializes in Diet Plans and Nutrition. We work closely together in order to provide an all round health package for our clients.

I started the Aromatherapy Course, with The School of Natural Health Sciences, in July 2010. I found the course very informative and detailed. The support, and guidance, as well as prompt and thorough paper marking, was second to none.

The price for the course was the best I found, with the most value added. The School of Natural Health Sciences have made learning pleasurable, and provided me with all the tools necessary, and the confidence, for me to shape a new career for myself.

This change has had such an impact on my life as only two months after qualifying, as an Aromatherapist (December 2010), I have been able to set up my own business.

The vision is to change people’s mindset with regards to health, and to further educate people as to the benefits of Massage, Aromatherapy, Exercise, Diet etc. The aim of the business is to provide a ‘before you call your doctor’ service. We want to change the way people think, so that instead of someone getting a headache and reaching out for a box of pills, they stop for a second, and look for an alternative method to get to the root of the problem. Then come to The Aroma Massage Clinic, for a Treatment specifically designed to cater to the problem. This goes for all health issues.

Of course, this isn’t going to be an overnight success and will take time to change the way of client thinking. Having only started my business this year, and done very little advertising, I have had an influx of clients, for which I am more than pleased about, and have full confidence in my vision, and dream being achieved. There are plenty of avenues to be explored and I am enjoying the journey.

This is just the beginning for me, but thanks to The School of Natural Health Sciences nothing can stop me now! I would most definitely recommend this school, and it will be my first point of contact for further learning.

The Aroma Massage Clinic is not just a business but my way of life, one which I wish to share with as many people as possible.

Invest in your health!

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