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mandy kriester

Mandy’s Story

Mandy Kriester is a practitioner of Nutrition & Bioresonance Therapy.

Mandy is based in Surrey, England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Nutrition), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Nutrition) & SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing)Mandy Kriester successfully combines Nutrition and BioResonance Therapy to address all sorts of chronic and acute conditions. Bioresonance therapy has lately been effectively used for quit smoking treatments, with a success rate of up to 70% after the first treatment. For clients who need healing on a deeper level going beyond the physical approach, Mandy offers Reiki and Crystal Therapy treatments and also coaches them in Meditation, Relaxation Exercises and Spiritual Practices. She has also written a book, which provides valuable guidelines for stepping onto the path of optimum health.

My name is Mandy Kriester – I am a qualified Complementary Therapist who uses Nutrition, Bioresonance Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Spiritual Healing to support Clients in healing their Body, Mind and Spirit.

Over the years my personal journey to healing and the frustration with the lack of answers from ‘conventional medicine’ made me explore the broad world of alternative treatments. Having studied European Business Management for 5 years at various international universities, I was looking for a flexible yet qualitative approach to gaining knowledge in the field of Complementary Therapy.

The School of Natural Health Sciences seemed just perfect for that. I gained qualifications in Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, and Crystal Healing Therapy, and also signed up for the Business & Marketing courses well as Kinesiology, I just love the ‘SNHS’ courses.

Having gathered all my diplomas I went off into practice. I started working for Savita Bhandari in the renowned Vitahealth Clinic in Croydon, Surrey, and later on for Monadith, Miss Bhandari’s famous Quit Smoking Clinic. Both clinics use Bioresonance therapy to treat acute as well as chronic conditions and lately nicotine addiction with a success rate of up to 60%.

I experienced the overwhelming growth that Monadith went through due to the media coverage in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, the Richard & Judy Show on the BBC. Whilst treating Nina Goswami (Sunday Telegraph Journalist) and Martin Pashley (“Loaded” Journalist) and many other clients for their Nicotine Addiction I collected valuable first-hand experience.

My goal is to spread the word about the great healing effects of Nutrition and Bioresonance Therapy. Areas I am specialising in are pregnancy support, raw food diet, detoxification, digestive disorders and spiritual healing.

Mandy Kriester

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