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Lisa McFarland

Lisa’s Story

Lisa McFarland: “I completed my School of Natural Health Sciences Diploma in Life Coaching with a distinction on the 1st August 2019. I had no plans at that time to set up a business.” Lisa is based in Antrim, UK

She has the following holistic therapy qualification:
SNHS Dip. Distinction (Life Coaching)

My Story

I completed my School of Natural Health Sciences Diploma in Life Coaching with a distinction on the 1st August 2019.

I had no plans at that time to set up a business; I was working in HR and really just intended to use the skills I had learnt to help the staff.

So I started running a small coaching group in my work and, after a few of these sessions, someone said “You should do a wee (small) page.”

I loved the idea but was also terrified; I had to life coach myself through it! lol

That was the start of Lisa McFarland, Life and Relationship Coach.

My husband and I have been together 30 years and I have always had a passion for love, relationships and the human dynamic. We went to a relationship coach ourselves 5 years ago and it was a great help to us, so I thought if I shared our story and tied it to what I had learnt through my life coaching diploma maybe I could help someone. “If I help one person it will be worth it.”

In January 2020 I ran my first life coaching classes on Confidence, Commutation and Conflict in my local area.

Ten people paid for the classes, so that was the start of my new business. The plan was for this to be a little side line for me, an interest you could say, just doing my wee bit.

Then March came…

I had already been doing live videos on my Instagram page, sharing life coaching skills and relationship advice. So, on the first day of lockdown, I went on Instagram at 10am and just talked about all things life coaching and relationships.  Seven people watched the first day and I was so happy to be able to help.

I was really doing this for myself; I knew I had to give myself purpose during this terrible time. I ended up doing 57 live videos, 1 every morning at 10 am and by the end over 1000 people were watching.

An influencer, called Sinead Hegerty, heard about what I was doing and shared it on her page. She then asked me to come on with her to do a live video, and as they say… the rest is history.

I coach online via zoom, usually around 10 calls a week; I have a facebook closed group of 60 people who pay a monthly fee. I support them with videos and group coaching sessions.

I also do podcasts and I’m still very active on my Instagram page.

My side line has turned into my main job and I couldn’t be happier.  I get up every morning looking forward to my work. The joy of helping people to become their best selves is second to none.

I truly believe that there is a plan, we all have a purpose, we just have to get past the fear, then the universe will reward us with more blessings than we could ever imagine.

Lisa McFarland – Life and Relationship Coach





Qualifications with the School of Natural Health Sciences:

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