I am so grateful for the grade of A. Wow!!! I tried so very hard to do my best on this and I really love it. I am not young. I am 60 years old and I am about to change my hats this late in life. I am currently enrolled here in the States in a Massage Therapy class and will become a Licensed Massage Therapist when I am done.

I have also just opened my own shop called Subtle Medicine Natural Remedies where I sell all sorts of homeopathic items, essential oils, incense, soaps, detox items, New Wave Patches, diffusers and all sorts of great natural things. There are also 2 really nice massage rooms in the back part of the shop. I currently have 2 other massage therapists who work for me and I will be getting my license soon. I look forward to taking the advanced reflexology class and of course I will go for the Higher Education Diploma also. I am just about to take my final exam in aromatherapy as soon as it is sent to me. I also want to take Indian Head and Face Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Advanced Aromatherapy, and so many more so I will be able to offer many different services.

The School of Natural Health Sciences is wonderful and everyone is so kind and caring. I can’t wait to see my diploma. I am like a little kid in a candy store. I will check the mail everyday until it arrives. Thank you so very much for all you do to help others learn and become successful – May God bless you.

Kip DiPaolo
Connecticut, U.S.A

Studying: Aromatherapy