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kenroy taylor

Kenroy’s Story

Kenroy Taylor is a mobile holistic practitioner; offering not only services in reflexology but also leadership coaching and counselling in St Andrew, Jamaica.

Kenroy has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Reflexology), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Reflexology), SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage),SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Meridian Psychotherapy), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy), SNHS Dip. (Herbalism), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Herbalism), SNHS Dip. (Colour Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing), SNHS Dip. (Dream Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Iridology), SNHS Dip. (Diabetes Risk Awareness), SNHS Dip. (Stress Management), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Stress Management), SNHS Dip. (Holistic Pain Management) & SNHS Higher International Diploma in Complementary Therapies.In the year 2010, I started my studies in holistic therapy; I was seeking a solution to help my wife overcome stress related illnesses. I wanted to be the one to assist her to alleviate the aches and pains and also reduce the trips to the doctor. After exploring the internet for awhile, I was introduced to reflexology. It seemed to be the ideal solution to her problem, as it appeared safe, with no side-effects and also seemed to be very relaxing.

I enrolled in a local certificate course and fell in love with reflexology. I began working on my wife and after about the fourth session, I was amazed and excited at the improvement in her health and her love for the reflexology treatments.

After studying reflexology, I wanted to help not just my wife but others who needed help from a professional Reflexologist. With my new hunger for more knowledge of reflexology, I began my search again and I found The School of Natural Health Sciences. This school exposes me to the real world of holistic therapies and I was inspired to advance my skill of reflexology and learn other holistic therapies which would expand my understanding and expertise in holistic therapies.

I began my practice with my close friends and family who inspired and encouraged me to create a profession of these new skills, so impressed were they as I used them to hone my newly acquired skills. I believe I am now able to expose Jamaica to holistic therapies as an alternative and complementary remedy. I am hoping to effect a positive change in anyone who desires my help wherever they are in the world.

Presently, I am a mobile holistic practitioner; offering not only services in reflexology but also leadership coaching and counselling in St Andrew, Jamaica. I believe that fate led me to The School of Natural Health Sciences, and I know my life has become a vessel for a greater cause which is, to improve the health and lifestyle of individuals.

Each course I study, I feel more empowered to apply myself in the world of holistic therapies, and I am sure that my studies and dedication to this noble and fulfilling profession will be worth the energy and time invested.

I thank the team at the school for their hard work and commitment in facilitating my learning experience.

Thank you all!

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