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joy andrews

Joy’s Story

Joy Andrews is a practitioner of Life Coaching, Counselling and also gives Nutritional Advice.

Joy is based in Kent, England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Advanced Nutrition), SNHS Dip. (Nutrition) & SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching)Hi, my name is Joy Andrews and having thought long and hard about where to start in sharing my success story with you, I decided to write it from the perspective of me as a Life Coach – upbeat, positive and looking to the future! Recently, I received the most wonderful email from Julia the Principal at the School of Natural Health Sciences, informing me that I had passed my SNHS Advanced Diploma at Grade A. What fantastic and up-lifting news to receive by email first thing on a Monday morning!

I have to say that I found the flexibility of studying with the School of Natural Health Sciences far more motivating and inspiring than strict academic deadlines! The School of Natural Health Sciences course structure and pace of learning is healthy, encouraging and inspirational. Not all of us are ‘adrenaline junkies’ expecting pressure to be our motivator, it rarely is and in reality actually creates ill health, fear and anxiety. I have also studied and qualified as a counsellor at my local university and found the deadlines unnecessarily anxiety provoking!

It was whilst working as both a practising counsellor and as the clinical manager of a counselling service that I began to feel frustration about the limitations and nature of my work. Much counselling practice involves an investigation of the past and how it reflects in the present and I felt that I was spending too much time in the “then” and not enough in the here and now.

I began to search the internet for courses and followed my own intuitive path to identify courses absolutely right for me, not only for my own personal development, but to equip me to help others unleash their true potential. I wanted to look forward with hope and confidence, not back with pain and consequential depression.

Nutrition began to unlock an awful lot of unanswered questions I was asking myself during my work with my clients. How fantastic, some pieces of the jigsaw were beginning to piece together! I felt inspired and elated at realising one key to our existence as humans. When we are instructed how to drive a car, we are told where to put the fuel, oil and water. however, we are never told the mechanics of the car and how the fuel maintains each component part. We certainly are not informed of the consequences of putting in the wrong fuel! Then I received a SNHS newsletter and I found their Stress Management diploma course and their new Life Coaching diploma course as a buy one get one free deal! What marvellous value and opportunities, so of course I seized the opportunity with both hands.

Although therapy and counselling involve many skills, therapy has a theoretical base. I began to realise that nutritionists can rely on scientific fact on how what we eat affects us, both in body and mind. I began to realise that a marvellous opportunity was opening for me, that I could integrate my skills as a counsellor with my newfound knowledge on nutrition and life coaching in order to help people move from dis-ease to harmony and optimise their emotional and physical health, reducing stress and disease as a consequence and taking themselves to places they have only ever dreamt about.

On January 1st 2007 I established my own business; Kent Coaching and Counselling based in Whitstable, Kent.

I have recently been asked by some counselling colleagues to run two Continuing Professional Development seminars on the links between Nutrition and Mental Health. I have great plans for my business and I am busy helping clients with my holistic approach combining all of my skills and qualifications to help develop the client as a ‘whole person’. I am getting such a buzz from Life Coaching and thanks to SNHS I have changed my whole eating regime and lifestyle and self-beliefs. I am about to expand my services further and undergo training to become a qualified allergy practitioner with my own intolerance testing machine, thus enabling me to give additional nutrition guidance and support to my clients.

It is my aim to share this information as a Nutrition Life Coach and Confidence Coach for people with eating disorders, weight issues, poor confidence and self-esteem. I can empathise with these people as I gave up smoking two years ago and put on 3 stones in weight! This is gradually falling off now with my nutrition and exercise regime and my life has changed dramatically thanks to SNHS. With the correct nutrients and with a Life Coaching philosophy my business is rapidly becoming extremely successful. My measure for success is helping clients discover the secrets of Nutrition and unleashing their true potential by achieving their goals for success. I am totally solution focussed and belief that SNHS holistic courses are the way forward in preventing disease and healing dysfunction in our world, both socially and environmentally. I am hooked on SNHS courses and am considering many other courses to help me further my holistic approach.

I would like to share this wonderful Chinese proverb to end my story “If we don’t change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are going”.

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