I can’t say enough how much I enjoy studying with The School of Natural Health Sciences. Having gained my Diploma in Reflexology, I am now around half way through Advanced Reflexology.

The courses are very well structured, filled with information and the questions are challenging but so enjoyable to work through. I have found my studies with the School to be absolutely fascinating so far and I really do look forward to sitting down to continue my course at the end of each day. Of course, any distance learning is only as effective as the people who provide it and the School of Natural Health Sciences deliver help and support by the bucket load!

My tutor, Jayne, has been fantastic, providing constructive, helpful and kind guidance throughout and any questions or additional help I have required have always been answered quickly and clearly. It really has been like having a tutor in the room with me! Many thanks for everything so far Jayne!

In conclusion I honestly can’t praise the School enough. The courses are brilliant and they really do make distance learning so easy and enjoyable. Many institutions would do well to learn from their example! I started studying with the school because at the age of 30 I was looking for a new direction in life.

Many distance learning courses promise this but fail to deliver. However, because of the wonderful courses I have undertaken so far and with the support of my tutor and the staff at the School, I feel I am genuinely learning the skills to start a new life. I look forward to continuing studying now and hopefully long into the future.


James Andrew
West Yorkshire, UK

SNHS Dip. Distinction (Reflexology)
SNHS Dip. Distinction (Advanced Reflexology)