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heidi hall

Heidi’s Story

Heidi Hall is a practitioner of Aromatherapy.

Heidi is based in Stoke on Trent England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy)Hi, my name is Heidi Hall. I have a diploma in Aromatherapy from the School of Natural Health Sciences which I achieved in October 2007. I am also a registered member of the National College of Holistic Medicine.

I have had a very busy 5 months since qualifying which has seen me carrying out massages on clients and also making my own Aromatherapy products. I am very excited about this side of my life as my full time job is in an office environment where I carry out various admin duties. This can be quite stressful at times and it is nice to come home and create all these wonderful products such as hand creams and bath oils.

I have always had an interest in Aromatherapy and had a few treatments myself but I had not done anything about my own interest in it until a short course was advertised in a local college which my sister Sharon and I attended. It was one of those moments when you see something advertised and you just think that actually it would be very nice to do something different for once instead of yet another computer course!

This short course gave us motivation to enrol on the Aromatherapy course with the school after the first night at the local college! We took advantage of the buy one get one free offer and have not looked back since. How simple it was to join the school and how easy it was to find the course that we wanted!

Completing the course and gaining the certificate was a very proud moment for me. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something with the qualification and so I created “Blended For You” which offers a wide range of home made Aromatherapy products such as moisturisers and bath oils and also Aromatherapy massage treatments. Sharon has created “Fizz ‘n’ Foam” where she offers a wide range of home made Aromatherapy products such as bath bombs and soaps.

Setting things up has taken quite a while as we had to work out which products we were both doing – there was no point in both of us creating candles for instance! We started out making just a few items. I had created a hand cream, a lip balm and bath oils which I made up individually to the clients requirements. Sharon had created bath bombs and bath salts. These products went very well and we kept adding new items until we came to our current list.

We now have an extensive range of products available and our part time joint venture is very successful. We are also carrying out ‘girls night in’ style parties, with facials using our products and we attend Mind, Body and Spirit and Craft fairs where possible too.

I would advise anyone to asses the market thoroughly first as we did. This way you can gauge which products people are actually looking for. For instance we had a few enquiries for body moisturiser and from that Sharon has created a luxurious body butter – well recommended! However, one pitfall we found doing things this way was that we had to keep updating our literature!

We have the School of Natural Health Sciences to thank for our success so far and would recommend the school to anyone.

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