Hello Julia, oh my!!! I am so glad hearing that!!!

Thank you so much for the “journey” which was great…This course was great, indeed… I bet all of your other courses are also fantastic.

You know Julia, to learn is as very important process dependent upon many things. A good guidance, which comes from school, but also dependent upon a good will, which is mainly from the student, which in the guided process, develops many strategies to achieve the goal. Your guidance was great, and thank you very much for being so. Once I did start with you, I was motivated to read and digest many texts, at least 8 great texts specific to kinesiology, not to mention the necessity to resharpen on human physiology and anatomy, and that was a real challenge.

Thank you very much for the great support you gave, and above all thank you for this great news, of I having succeeded on this Kinesiology final exam. I would like to have also a hard copy of this diploma, I am making the necessary to pay for it. Thank you again!!

Warmest regards,

George Seba Caldas
Kourou, French Guiana

SNHS Dip. (Kinesiology)

Studying: Acupressure