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florence parot

Florence’s Story

Florence Parot has a practice called “The Sophrology Academy” in Canterbury, Kent.

Florence has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Life Coaching) & SNHS Dip. (Nutrition)When I arrived in England, last year from France, I realized that my therapy, Sophrology (a holistic relaxation therapy using breathing techniques, concentration, visualisation, and simple movements, at the crossroads between Western relaxation techniques and Eastern meditation) was not very well known over here.

Whilst in Paris, I had a thriving business using a technique known to all for 50 years, however, a lot more work was going to be needed here, just to introduce people to what I was doing. I soon realised that I would need to complement my practice, and that now was the right time to look into the other therapies that I had always been interested in; Nutrition, Life Coaching and Aromatherapy. Put together with Sophrology, this would enable me to become a Naturopath, and, therefore, I would be able to help others with a large set of tools. But finding the time, while starting my business here, was a tricky point. Thanks to the School of Natural Health Sciences, the dream became a reality.

I found out about the School of Natural Health Sciences, reading about them in several health magazines. I immediately realised how brilliant their idea was to be able to study from home, at your own pace. I have so far studied Nutrition, and Life Coaching with them, and will start Aromatherapy very soon. The courses were exactly what I needed, very professional, practical, well documented, and yet easy to follow.

Now, I work from 3 different clinics with other fantastic colleagues, in Ashford, Faversham and in London, Islington. I have even opened the first school of Sophrology in England,’The Sophrology Academy’, in order to train others to become professional Sophrologists as well. In my clinics, I am able to help my clients with a mixture of all my techniques, if they need it. I particularly focus on the management of stress, and sleep problems. Life Coaching, Nutrition, and Sophrology enable me to guide my clients towards a better life balance. Adopting a healthier life style, and nutrition pattern. Learning relaxation tips, to release tensions and anxiety, improving their general well-being, and, even being able, in some instance,s to deal with IBS or ME in a better way.

The SNHS was a great help, flexible, professional and very reassuring, there was always someone to answer my questions. I recommend their courses absolutely; in fact, I have already recommended them to other therapists, even in France!

Florence Parot 
The Sophrology Academy
Mobile: (0) 7861 420 059

Ashford – Faversham – London Islington
Stress management – Burn out prevention – Sleep problems
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