I have completed two self-study courses now online with the School of Natural Health Sciences, Indian Head massage and Indian Face massage, have learnt a great deal and have very much enjoyed finding out new things about complementary therapy treatments. I qualified as an aromatherapist 16 years ago, and doing these courses has encouraged me to fully revisit the coursework I covered for this and I am now fully insured and a member of a professional organisation, and practising one morning a week in a local residential home with elderly clients who are really benefiting from the treatments. I have also done head and face massage treatments for other clients in their own homes. I am hoping that next year I may be able to increase the numbers of hours I am doing and to continue with my studies.

So, once again, I am very grateful for the change in direction my life has taken through my studies!

Eleanor Laming
Norfolk, England

SNHS Dip. (Indian Face Massage)
SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage)
Studying: Herbalism