elaine fessey

Elaine Fessey has a successful practice as a psychic, spiritual healer

Elaine is based in Falmouth, Cornwall.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching) & SNHS Dip. (Psychotherapy & Counselling)

I would like to share my success story with you. I decided to take two courses with The School of Natural Health Sciences, Psychotherapy & Counselling and Life Coaching, to enhance my already successful practise as a psychic, spiritual healer. I thoroughly enjoyed these informative courses and managed to pass both with an A grade.

Adding these skills to my sessions has allowed my practice to evolve in very unexpected ways, leading to the development of a unique style of intuitive coaching which looks into the effects of past life, this lifetime and future possibilities. The techniques gained from the SNHS diplomas help me to assist people work through all issues, investigate the key players in their chosen life lessons, identify self limiting beliefs and create self help mantras from their strengths. I have a website and work entirely by telephone and internet and regularly speak with clients all over the world.

The diplomas have helped me to attract clients who may not have been interested in the spiritual aspect of my work, and enable me to present a modern, practical, down to earth approach to an otherwise out of reach subject to many.

I am busy now writing up case studies for my unique technique called The Path Back To Unconditional Love, and intend to write this into a training manual for other therapists.

I am considering another course with you, Flower remedies, as this also could greatly enhance the healing of my clients.

As a busy working mum there was very little time to attend courses. I had completed my complementary therapy training at college and was very busy training myself as an intuitive psychic . Many clients would pour out their hearts to me, expecting help and advise. It became clear to me that additional counselling skills were required and I began to research courses. My main consideration was time and energy. Life was busy enough without having to leave home to attend training ! I discussed this with a good friend of mine at the spiritual development circle that I was running at the time, and she told me about the School of Natural Health Sciences. She was herself a busy working mum and had found the courses perfectly fitted her busy lifestyle.

As soon as I opened up the website I knew that I had found what I was looking for and signed up at once for Counselling skills , soon to be followed by Life Coaching, and Advanced Life Coaching which is ongoing due to other things in life taking over, as often happens. The beauty of this style of learning is that you can put it aside when you have to and resume once you have the time…. perfect!!!

The course content was informative and difficult concepts were explained clearly, in plain English. The coursework arrived on time, and was marked swiftly and efficiently. The suggested reading list enhanced the learning process, and the tutors comments were fair and constructive. You can choose when to take the final exam, ensuring that you are fully prepared, further assisting your chances of graduating with a good grade.

The entire experience of studying with The School Of Natural Health Sciences has been a very positive and rewarding one. It has opened doors for me professionally, and has enabled me to grow as a person. The special course packages are unique and affordable.

I would not hesitate to recommend these courses to anyone, the biggest problem you will face is which one to choose from the wide variety!

I am currently writing for an online magazine called The Paranormal Explorer where I have a psychic ‘Agony Aunt’ page. The skills learned from the SNHS courses have been invaluable, as I combine life coaching and counselling techniques to solve problems. I also work around the world via the internet. My next step is to write a book about my experiences as a psychic life coach.

Elaine Fessey