deborah dean

Deborah Dean is a Foot Health Practitioner, Fitness Instructor, Hypnotherapist & Counsellor – she is also an Athlete.

Deborah is based in Gloucestershire, England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Sports Psychology) & SNHS Dip. (Advanced Nutrition)

My name is Deborah Dean, I am a Foot Health Practitioner, Fitness Instructor, Hypnotherapist & registered Counsellor and have recently completed an Advanced Nutrition Diploma with the School of Natural Health Sciences and am currently studying Sports Psychology, also with SNHS. Both the Nutrition and Sports Psychology courses will help me to achieve my current challenge which is to compete in various Athletics Competitions in the UK and Abroad.

I have been a Foot Health Practitioner for many years, visiting people in their homes here in Gloucestershire. Home visits, I find, offer a lot of flexibility and many people usually specify a preference as to which day and time they like to be seen. I do also offer weekend appointments which are a great help for many people.

I also visit Nursing and Residential Homes. I see people with Mental Health Illnesses and Learning Difficulties. My clients are young and old and I absolutely love my work and my clients. I am also a registered counsellor which helps when my clients need someone to talk to. Nutritional advice is offered to those who require it, as is Hypnotherapy. I also teach Aerobics on a one to one basis and have taught in many gyms and church halls here in Gloucestershire.

I deal with many conditions of the feet as sensitively and painlessly as possible and having seen many foot shapes and sizes, am unlikely to be fased by anyone who is sensitive about the state of their feet. Foot Care is for the young and old alike and regular foot care is very important. When discomfort or pain arises in any area of the foot, movement is adapted to minimise the pain during walking, running etc. This often creates a compensatory imbalance, which can affect the ankles, knees, hips & lower back. The average foot can, at any time, develop corns, callous, hard skin, blisters, athlete’s foot, fungal nail conditions, heel fissure (cracks to you & me) smelly feet (Bromhidrosis), dry skin & other problematic foot & nail conditions.

I have some lovely testimonials from some of my clients. Mrs. H. had severe Psoriasis on her feet which she has had for a number of years and nothing her doctor had prescribed helped. In fact the condition was made worse. I recommended a treatment which is ongoing but after only a short time of approximately two weeks there was a huge improvement. Mrs. H. has always been most grateful for her regular checks. I have a very nice letter from her.

So having been a Foot Health Practitioner for many years I decided to expand my business. I wanted to offer my patients more. I decided to study Advanced Nutrition, and, Sports Psychology, with the School of Natural Health Sciences because they offer so much, Self Study or Tutored, flexible payments for each course and all at great prices. Plus with over 40 courses to choose from and new ones being added all the time, the choice is almost endless.

I found that a lot of my patients were asking for nutritional advice. A healthy lifestyle means a healthy mind. The feet are effected by the person’s general well being. If you are unwell or have a specific illness, backache, arthritis, diabetes and even jaw ache, your feet will be effected too. So being able to offer nutritional advice is very beneficial to my patient.

I am so glad I decided to take my courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences and so glad I found them. All the courses are accredited, which is fantastic, and there is no time limit for completion, which has given me the flexibility to complete these courses around my work and athletic training. I must also add the course in advanced Nutrition has been beneficial for me, as I am in the process of training for Athletic Competitions, starting in 2011. I am also now studying Sports Nutrition, and Philosophy with the School of Natural Health Sciences which I can’t wait to start!

Deborah Dean