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charlotte swash

Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte Swash is a Lifestyle Consultant, Personal Performance Coach and Founder of Core Harmony

Charlotte is based in the West Midlands, England.
She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (CBT), SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching) & SNHS Dip. (Stress Management)Hi, I’m Charlotte Swash, Lifestyle Consultant and Personal Performance Coach. Founder of Core Harmony. My company is based in the West Midlands UK, and I cover Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

I began my business in September 2014 after completing my Life Coaching, Stress Management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Originally, I formed an interest in holistic therapies when I was working in New Zealand rehabilitating offenders and re-integrating them back into communities. I was trained through the Department of Corrections in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectrial Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness. I was able to see the benefits of using holistic therapies with prisoners when assisting them to change their lives around. When I came back to live in England in 2013 I signed up with the School of Natural Health Sciences in the above Holistic Therapies. I am continuing my studies with the school in Holistic Nutrition and Kinesiology together with the Higher International Diploma in Life Coaching.

My areas of Specialisation are – Life Coaching: Classic one on one Coaching Sessions available on a personal level and Corporate Coaching available for businesses over a period of 12 months with YB12 to assist you or your company in achieving your best year ever! I also run Total Focus Workshops, beneficial to individual groups and businesses through YB12.

Whilst studying for my life coaching diploma I loved learning the lesson about the three types of clients, visual, audio and Tactile (kinaesthetic), I smiled to myself to find I can be kinaesthetic at times. I laughed when I realised how, when I and my mom go shopping, we like to touch the clothes materials before contemplating trying them on. Learning about three different types of client, it opened by eyes to the different ways in which everyone I have come into contact with has taken something from a situation but in various ways.

I also work with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which focuses on the here and now, and how to make changes to your belief systems for the future in a more positive way. Understanding what is going on for you from the inside will help build a greater you on the outside. This is a ‘talking therapy’, a style of psychotherapy that focuses on addressing challenging issues by providing an understanding of the links between thoughts feelings and behavior, I also incorporate Mindfulness within the sessions which works well alongside CBT.

Stress Management – Dealing with the 21st century ailments of day to day life, I specialize in leading you to a more relaxed and positive outlook via one to one sessions, small groups and Workshops throughout The Midlands.

I inspire my clients to become more confident and happy as a result of my counselling and goal setting sessions, helping to create a brighter more positive future for everyone!


Qualifications with The School of Natural Health Sciences:
SNHS Dip. (CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy),SNHS Dip. (Stress Management) & SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching)

Studying: Kinesiology, Holistic Nutrition & Advanced Life Coaching

Accredited by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, IICT –
I have Public Liability Insurance to cover my work as a therapist.Meet More Successful SNHS Graduates >>