Oh My Goodness Julia…Thank you so very much…this is wonderful news! I cannot express how thrilled I am to achieve this accolade….mainly because when I decided to do this course some years ago, I had some challenges on the domestic front which prevented me from studying and so I had to put this on the back burner for a while.

I shall be opening up a nice bottle of wine tonight along with our supper to celebrate! Thank you for all the help that I have received from the School of Natural Health Sciences. I will be returning to do another course with the school in the future, I am certain.

Since receiving my Diploma in Past Life Therapy in the mail, I have been on ‘cloud nine’….I am so very happy to finally achieve this certification. The School of Natural Sciences made this possible for me by encouraging me along the way. I was told that there was never any hurry to complete my course. I am sure that had there been any deadlines, then I might have given up and not crossed that finishing line!

I am so very pleased to have attained such a long sought after goal…and I have the School of Natural Health Sciences to thank for it!

Kind Regards from a very happy student!

Carol Leslie
Aberdeenshire, Scotland

SNHS Dip. (Past Life Therapy)
Studying: Iridology